Dear Har-old,

What’s the smartest thing you have heard Junior from My Wife & Kids say? This shouldn’t be difficult because he doesn’t say a lot of intelligent things on the show. But what’s a quotable? When Michael asked him did he want to play basketball, he said, “I don’t have no illusions about my ability to play basketball. If it’s not a part of my overall life goal, why pursue it?”

Every-time you procrastinate you are putting your dreams on hold and doing things irrelevant to your big picture goals: marrying Janelle Monae, getting on the list of billionaire college drop-outs, replacing the résumé with the Yeebizan. Why play video games? Why watch t.v? Why stay up on the phone all night? Now I know at times something irrelevant can indirectly inspire you to action. My Wife and Kids? Junior? But that is not by design. Go directly to the source.

Now I’m going to give you some suggestions to help you overcome your procrastination. Wake up extra early! You are a morning person. That’s when you are at your best! Your procrastination level increases with the PM. Work on your indecisiveness. As Napoleon Hill said, “Procrastination is the opposite of decision.” Procrastinating and being indecisive is the same thing. Lastly, I want you to see me. You are a very aware person. Every-time you feel like you’re procrastinating I want you to use that vivid imagination of yours to visualize me watching you. Because if my image cannot help you overcome procrastination I will fade away.

Futuristically yours,



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