In With the NEW out with the OLD

Dear Trista,

Today will be the day you meet me. I will be your guide on this wild journey into becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be…because I am already there. This site will be the main source of where you get your steps from in order to become something other than who you are now. So in detail, I will now write what you need to change:

-timid to lively

-indecisive to knowing exactly what you want

-Fearful of change to accepting and growing with change

-co-dependent to  interdependent

unorganized to Organized

-rule follower to Risk Taker

-lazy to Fitness Nut

– Negative chaotic thought patterns to  Positive Zen-like mentality pattern.

– Follower to Leader

not content with what you have to being happy to have what you have.

Old lady style to  Chameleon

sensitive to Thick skinned

-Easily Embarrassed to  Easy come Easy go

soft-hearted to warrior woman

-impatient to a high tolerance for time

Somethings on this list you switch up when you feel like you’re not doing the right thing, so you have the right idea…its just you need to apply them in a routine. Instead of waiting for someone to make up something to do, you should already know what you want to do. Also, don’t apply  Murphy’s Law in every single thought of the day; keep the small things small and don’t be afraid to make your own roads in this life.

Futuristically yours,




2 thoughts on “In With the NEW out with the OLD”

  1. Great list, Trista! There are a few things on here I’d like to become, too, such as more organized and knowing exactly what I want.

    But a couple of things like soft-hearted and sensitive…I don’t think they are bad…Sometimes I worry about people going toward extremes instead of finding balance, or trying to be someone they aren’t.

    You know who you are/were/want to be/become, so I applaud you and wish you the best on your journey!


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