Damn, I Wrote This?!

overcoming writer's block - crumpled paper on ...

Dear Har-old,

American author Joan Didion said, “We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget.”

How quickly they forget.

Remember I said to check this website daily. I will write you letters on a consistent basis.

So, going an entire week without writing a new letter will show inconsistency, huh?

You’ll probably start to think, “He has writer’s block.” “He’s too busy for me.”

No … No … NO!!!

You remember when you use to lay your hand flat on the paper so you could trace it to draw a turkey?

Well, that hand doesn’t come to life to block you from writing. I do NOT get writer’s block.

And I ALWAYS have time for YOU. I have nothing but.

So, what will be the reason for a future inconsistency?


Especially the most recent.

I know Har+new won’t happen over-night. So, sometimes I have to “fake” inconsistency.

This gives the last five letters and as well as the older entries replay value; increases the chances of being read again.

Inconsistency-My way of helping you to remember. Hahahahahahaha!

Futuristically yours,



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