A Now Is Not A Person, Place, Or Thing

Dear Har-old,

Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev said, “The word tomorrow was invented for indecisive people and for children.”

Had Chinese yesterday. Fortune from cookie read, “If you don’t have time to live your life now, when do you?

Har-old, I Am Your Father!

So, I will tell you what Chris Rock’s father told him when he thought coming to work early was gone impress him. He said, “Chris it’s no such thing as early, you either on time or you late.”

Remember what I told you in Catch Phrases. You have to, you have to, catch yourself. Kick the habit of saying, “I can’t wait … .”

It’s a damn oxyMORON!

You’re being impatient and patient simultaneously. THINK!

How the hell can you say you can’t wait for something that you are in control of making happen NOW???


The worlds of advertising, marketing and promotion have somehow confused you and affected your ability to separate the who’s of control.

Separate control:

They are in control of when movies hit theaters, when albums hit shelves, when phones drop, when clothes hit racks, etc.

BUT YOU ARE IN CONTROL of when you want to “live.” I’m talking when you want 2 bill? When you want kids? When you want to leave Tennessee? When you want to move to New York? When you want the Yeebizan to replace the résumé?


You ARE in control of these things, no one else!

Take back your self-control.

Stop sitting in that waiting room. Put down that magazine. Knock on that door. Opportunity will open. Take off Opportunity’s mask … haha it’s you!

You was making yourself wait. Hahahaha!

Futuristically yours,


P.S. I guess a now could  be a person, place or thing…I mean you’re a person who’s trying to go places in life but can’t because you keep putting off that one thing you know you need to do…procrastinator!


5 thoughts on “A Now Is Not A Person, Place, Or Thing”

  1. “Take off Opportunity’s mask … haha it’s you!”

    This line made me laugh. It’s soo true though.

    There are some really good quotes and advice on this site already. Love the concept of writing to yourself as if you were in the future already, looking back at the moment and giving the best advice to move on or make progress. Really look forward to reading more.

    Keep it up.


  2. thats a pretty badass fortune 🙂 i love getting amazing fortunes like that. my latest was somehting about a sport opportunity. all ive done is start working out and im so soooooooooore but its a good sore :))))


    1. Sometimes fortune cookies are way off and don’t apply to your current situation but I knew that fortune was telling me something. I actually had two. The other one said, “Keep your plans secret for now.” That one applied to me too but I think it was meant for me an hour ago because I already revealed some upcoming plans. Talking about this makes me want Chinese again.


    2. Hi. Um I got this note in my binder and it says if you don’t have time to live your life now, when do you? ive tried to look it up on the interent but it doesn’t give me anything. and I saw this website, and I thought it would give me a little more information on the note that I got b in school. My name is Cindy Salinas, I am a softmore at Cal High. It was last week when I got that fourtune during lunch. I don’t know what it stands for so I am thinking you will know what it stands for. Um email me back. My email address is CindySalinas116@gmail.com.
      hope you reply back


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