What More Can I Say?

Dear Har-old,

American author Mark Twain wrote, “Generally, the fewer the words that fully communicate or evoke the intended ideas and feelings, the more effective the communication.”

Reading the old letters I wrote you bulbed a light.

Besides being inconsistent, how can I make YOU read the old letters?


P.S. is only at the end of 2 of the 36 letters. But that’s the genius part about it because the writer writes again and the reader reads again.

P.S. will be for things I wanted to say but glad I didn’t say because it would’ve messed up the flow of the letter. But there’s a catch…

I won’t write it in the same sitting I wrote the letter.

It may be a week from then. Two weeks. Three weeks. A month. Two months. AND …

P.S. will CONSTANTLY be updated.

So there will be days where there’s not a NEW letter but an UPDATE to a previous letter’s P.S.

What more can I say?


Futuristically yours,


P.S. Now it’s 3 out of 37. I got some catching up to do.


2 thoughts on “What More Can I Say?”

    1. This was an announcement letter. P.S. will be a new feature at the END of every letter. Constantly updated. Look at P.S. as the scenes that didn’t make the movie.


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