Put Your Head Down And Drive To The Damn Basket

Dear Har-old,

Rev. Run tweeted, “Attack life … It’s gonna kill you anyway.”

The more you settle for the jumper, the more I am convinced you are afraid of contact.




You shoot 40% from the field.

BUT you shoot 90% from the line.

What that tells you?

Life is hard when you’re at the 3-point line but it’s easy when you attack the rim; you either gone get an easy two or go to the free-throw line.

Or is it that you’re shying away from being defended by one person to being distracted by an entire building since you’re on the road?

I told you it’s a mind game. In your head, you are in an empty gym with life-size cardboard boxes.

Ever hear someone say, “It’s so loud in here, I can’t hear myself think.”

Do not be that someone!

It’s already a lot of noise going on between your ears, so why invite more?

Put the self-made noise in your head to work. Use it. When the outdoors try to bring their mess in your house, turn up your self-made noise. Tune them out!

The highest volume can not stop you. And it will not stop you from thinking anymore. Hear me?!

If you’re continuing to miss shots and losing faith in your jumper, drive to the damn basket with a fearless mentality.

Watch what a couple free-throws do for your confidence.

Shoot ’em with your eyes close.

And watch that crowd that once distracted you with offensive words, creative signs and violent hand-waving start distracting you with flashes from a camera.

At the end life will kill you, but Har-old don’t go out without a fight!

Futuristically yours,



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