Which Letter In Team Looks Like An I To You?

Dear Har-old,

American athlete Mia Hamm said, “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”

Progress report.

Remember when I told you after I get a good lead in letters I would bring in other future-selves. Well, I have done a poor job. I have been busy but hey I’m not using that as an excuse. My job was to have other future-selves write letters and yours was to have their young-present-self read them. Unlike me, you have done a great job. It’s only been two months and Futuristically Yours has 60 subscribers. Meanwhile, I’ve only been able to find 6 other authors.

You won’t only have my letters to look forward to. I would like to introduce FY’s newest authors AezoraJennifer and Kristen. They already have letters posted. Also, look for Shae‘s resurgence.

And I know you’re calling FOUL on my Freshly Pressed Fifty Dollar Bill move. I’ll admit you got me playing catch up so I’m trying to cheat. Haha!

Now Har-old, what I’m about to say will make you think you did all that work for nothing but here it goes …

Subscribers do NOT make Futuristically Yours. Our authors do.

Now you can say I’m cheating more when I say this, but I need you to stop spending so much time getting subscribers to help me grow our authors.

Current and prospective.

I want you the first one reading and commenting on other author’s letters.

You are wasting too much time on other blogs whose author isn’t showing FY the same love back. You know who they are. No more of this!

Let’s make our authors priority.

I will still post consistently as I have been but I will start to do it strategically so our other authors will shine. For instance, if Shae post on a Tuesday and I have a letter ready to go too, I will schedule it for Wednesday instead.

Remember: Those 48 subscribers do NOT make us. The 6 authors do.

Futuristically yours,


P.S. It’s the T. Hahaha!


6 thoughts on “Which Letter In Team Looks Like An I To You?”

    1. Yeah, that’s the point … to keep the mind busy with positive thoughts and our collective futures so no time will be left in thinking of which we do NOT want.


  1. I know you have seen my blog and as soon as you commented I looked at yours. But to tell you the truth, I couldn’t figure out how to get to where I am right now, to see the letters. I guess I didn’t look hard enough. haha Sorry about that…I hope you aren’t offended or anything. I love your idea by the way. :]]


    1. This isn’t just my blog. I think I should do something about you having trouble finding your way to the letters. Although, it’s a menu, I think I should make my Home Page my letters. Right now my site is static which makes Home home and the posts the letters. Do you have any suggestions?


  2. For me it seams like I am subscribed for too many authors but don’t give attention to promote my own writing. I guess it’s because I find my wordpress place like some kind of personal ‘runaway’. Place to scream with equal chances to be heard or not! Anyway, I find your priority to authors very good idea. Good luck with it!
    ps. doesn’t matter if you both post together in same day the story. If it’s worth to be read people will dig it in one or another way.


    1. This was just a warning shot to the blogs that I shower with love but don’t show FY and its authors the love back. For those subscribers like you who do show it back I will continue to support though. Other than that I’m looking to establish my authors. Yeah it don’t matter if we post on the same day but I have so many letters I can write I want to hold back for my new authors. Because I find that many readers don’t go pass the first three letters when they’re are some truly amazing older letters. I’m constantly reading them. A lot of subscribers came in after the first 20 letters and only read the newest letter so I’m promoting that.


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