You Do Not Want Eyes In The Back Of Your Head

Author and blogger Brian Kim said,

Hindsight is always 20/20 because you get all the emotion out-of-the-way.

Strong emotions tend to cloud everything.

With that in mind, no matter how crappy your day is, somewhere in the near future, you’ll look back upon it with clear eyes.

Eyes clear enough to see the benefits of that experience and to even find yourself grateful for it.

The saying is, “When you look back, you gone laugh.” Watery eyes for the same event but for different reasons: In the past they were watery because you was crying; in the future they will be watery from hard laughter.

Please skip this step!

Instead, make mastering your emotions your foundation and practice a positive mental attitude (PMA).

Remember what Napoleon Hill said,

Nothing is ever so bad or so unpleasant that it may not yield some benefit if we keep a positive mental attitude toward the experience and make it a habit to look for that seed of an equivalent benefit.

Do not recognize this in hindsight!

Let the mastering of your emotions and your PMA shine in those trying moments.

I want you to develop a strong dislike for hindsight bias. It’s okay when it’s other people’s hindsight because you’re learning something. But I do not want you learning from your own backwards glancing eye.

You do not want eyes in the back of your head; they’re right where they’re suppose to be.

Futuristically yours,



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