Be Like A GNAT!

Dear Shae,

You sit outside shooting the breeze, and notice a cloud of swarming Gnats. They’re just flying around haphazardly in three-inch rectangles in  groups of thirty.

“What is wrong with those damn Gnats”, you wonder silently to yourself. You have a moment of revelation.

Those crazy little bugs just pointed something out to you with their aimless swarming. It’s not aimless. They are just doing what they do best, instinctively enjoying the weather with each other kicking it in the sun until a tasty mammal walks by.

They swarm so annoyingly natural being their selves. They instinctively know where the best ray of sun is to swarm in. They use their senses to tell them when a dinner opportunity is nearby. They’re just out enjoying their peak season of the year.

Why can’t you be more like a Gnat?

Fact is you ARE like a Gnat. Now that you are aware of it, you can touch up those Gnat qualities you have.

The first thing you can do is start sticking to your first mind more. That first mind is your natural instinct. When you stick to it (as you have done before and witnessed these truths) problems find solutions, new ideas are formed, sound decisions are made, your character grows stronger.

When you don’t, well you know…worries, chaos and a host of nasty doubting demons dilute your thoughts.

Listen to your senses Shae. You’ve got a lot of them, too many as a matter of fact. Your sense of self  makes you not listen to the rest of your common senses (with your crazy ass! … just like Gnats).

You’ll find so many things much more pleasant. Think of it as YOU DOING YOUR OWN THING. That’s what it is. Your first intuition, thoughts, ideas, feelings, that’s all you. Be yourself. Listen to you.

So take a note of that. First mind … senses … be you … Gnats.

Futuristically Yours,

Tiera LaShae


7 thoughts on “Be Like A GNAT!”

  1. What a positive and inspirational way to view those annoying insects!! It’s amazing what we can learn from folks when we put our differences aside…

    This realization is so important. Too many people are worried about what other people think…I’ve heard that if we all did what made ourselves happy, the world would be a much better place. Oh, but damn those “nasty doubting demons” that “dilute” my thoughts!!! ( :


  2. “What’s wrong with those damn Gnats?” is what I was saying to myself a few weeks ago. Had a huge Gnat problem … IN THE HOUSE, IN EVERY ROOM. To make matters worse, there was no flying insect killer spray. Had to wait until these suckers landed to try and kill ’em. Oh were they fast. Unfortunately, when they did land, they did so on mirrors. So, I’m I’m trying to hit ’em as hard as I can without glass falling everywhere. Weak! These damn Gnats made it hard to eat, watch t.v., read, use the restroom, everything Shae. I even had to sleep under the covers, head included, because I was scared the Gnats was gone eat me alive. I felt like a Kevin Hart joke.


    1. Ok, what I wanna know is

      when all the doors and windows of my house are closed

      where the hell do they come from?!!!

      I wonder if they lay eggs in fruit or something…they always seem to appear out of nowhere when fruit is left out or cores/rinds are in the trash. o_O


  3. This was very thought-provoking also…I’ve never really thought about what gnats are doing…I just thought they were annoying me. haha But very nice letter.


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