3 Months To Live

If you had 3 months to live, would you do exactly what it is you’re doing right now? And if you’re not doing what you’re wanting to do, what are you waiting for?

I know what you’re waiting for … the doctor to say, “Har-old, you have 3 months to live.”

Like Napoleon Hill said,

Isn’t it strange that so often people have to be cut down by failure and defeat before they learn that they have minds capable of mastering all their problems?

9 months. Birth is predictable. When mother finds out she’s pregnant, birth months are foreseen. You live your whole life knowing your birth date. You know death is certain but you don’t know when it will happen, giving birth to the phrase, “Live everyday like it’s your last.” This is one of the unfairnesses of life. That’s why those people who get told they have 3 months to live, 6 months to live, are BLESSED. Yes, blessed!

They waste no time planning. They just do.

The wind blew this bucket over with a piece of paper in it. The paper is blowing in the wind, flying all over the place. Run and catch it. Read it. It’s a list. A to-do-list. Check marks are beside everything. There are dates beside every listed item. Notice how close the dates are to each other. “All of this in a few months,” you say to yourself. Things you say you have to wait for, be “patient” for, things you say you have to plan, know-it-all before you get started. Think that list was just written? No! Look at the quality of the paper. That list is old.

Har-old, you will soon meet someone who knows when they will die. This person won’t be sad. They will be carefree, happy, motivated and a kid again. Pick their brains! Study them. Adopt their 3 month mentality.

And you know who that person will be?


Every 3 months you will die and attempt to out-do what you did in your previous life. Every 3 months you will re-create yourself. Every 3 months you will be re-incarnated into a more richer you, a more handsome you, a more healthier you, a more smarter you, a more livelier you.

Your dreams can happen faster than you think but don’t let failure and defeat be responsible for inspiring you to action.

Take responsibility for your life!

Futuristically yours,



11 thoughts on “3 Months To Live”

  1. it’s so hard to actually act on living each day like it might be your last… but isn’t it the truth?! like i’ve told you before.. i tend to over plan and procrastinate on the doing part of the process, although i have to say i think i’ve been doing a pretty good job of reversing those bad habits. i like your thoughts on dying every 3 months, recreating yourself every 3 months… i might steal that 😉 awesome post!


    1. We always hear that we should live everyday like it’s last but how many people actually apply this to their life? Imagine how much we can get done. Imagine how much fun we can have. This is definitely a mentality I want to possess..


      1. how much fun we can have! exactly. that is probably my biggest motivator to live everyday like it’s the last. seize the day…. i gotta stop going through life like a spectator and actually start LIVING life.


        1. From “just another day” to my last day. If we truly apply this we can separate ourselves from majority of people. The whole concept of 3 Months To Live is stop planning and over-panning and just DO. Seriously, if the doc told you you had 3 months to live you wouldn’t waste no time planning. You would write your objectives down and go after them. And whether fail ( temporary defeat) or succeed, you put in action and had fun in the process. I’m about to write a series of letters about regrading this topic.


  2. I am very paranoid when I think about possibility to happen something bad to someone I love. When I think about something happen to me I don’t feel such a big fear like if I think that something may happen to my husband or brother or…. I have full reaction of chocking, heart bits speeding, I start to safer for something happened only in my head… This is why I’m trying to not have any negative thoughts. I have every day ‘I love you’ sms to my parents (who are far from us) and we live and use life the best we know and the best we can… For now we don’t know for better… :))))


  3. Not saying I was a believer in the May 21st thing or a believer in the 2012 thing but I did and I still do entertain those thoughts. And for a young person who hasn’t “lived” yet, that thought is frightening. Ever since late May I’ve been more motivated than ever to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


    1. when i was ni 6th grade it was gonna be 6/6/06 and i freaked out so bad i cried all the days b4 n called everybody i loved. and nothing happened, xept some shooter ran through our campus and a cop chased him down. but it made me kinda skeptical. when it happens it happens 🙂 i cud b ready. i do live :3


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