Who Burnt The Popcorn Again?!

Remember Burnt Popcorn?

Well, I’m expanding on the idea.

For the future-selves who know their present-self hate reading and are more visually inclined, they can do video-self-letters.

Authors can either do videos for their previously written letters or videos with brand new material.

Videos shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes.

Different presentation, same concept.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Futuristically yours,



4 thoughts on “Who Burnt The Popcorn Again?!”

  1. Harnew, how would I present the letter? Would I just look like my present self, or would I dress up like me future self. Do you have any ideas? Sorry to grill you; I just want to know so I can be inspired.


    1. No, no. Anytime you have a question, ask. Grill me 🙂 Either. You present it as your present-self. Dressing up as your future-self is just a fun, entertaining OPTION. Just imagine the letter you wrote in video format. Most of the time, tones, emphasis and meanings can be lost with the written word. These videos will give your letters more life. Just how you write the letters to read by you for inspiration and motivation, that’s the same approach you take with the videos. Look in the camera and talk to yourself. Move around and show yourself things.


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