The Balance of Life and Death

My Dearest Aezora,

Life and Death are a never ending cycle.  With one comes the other, dancing and flowing about one another like a ballet dancer on stage. Their dance is an intricate
one; the choreography new, and unknown- yet as old as time itself.  Its theory of chaos, and peace, is wrought with complexity- and unpredictability.

We have a manner of things to try to cheat death. Medicines created from plant life, animal life, synthesized to specifically treat one item or another, or life support, for one whose body can no longer sustain daily functioning, like breathing. Throughout all this, the lesson we are taught is still clear- death cannot, and will not, be cheated. He is not evil- as some believe. He is the true one, the only one, the ethereal balance between the lines we tread. Between the lines of life and death. With one step we could easily shift from one world, to the other.

During this period of your life I know you feel as if the shadow of death is creeping just beyond your field of vision. You see him and turn, only to see nothing. You can feel his presence, forever watching your every move.  Taken from you are a grandfather, and grandmother, whose lifetime of wisdoms were never fully passed on. Taken from you is a child, brought so closely to the world, to be lost before you even knew her. Taken from you is a friend, whose unconditional love made all other loss seem bearable- which now, is unbearable.

Though I know it is hard to understand now, and to believe this, their lives are not truly lost.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in a heaven, hell, or even purgatory. They stand beside you, around you, within you- immortal within your memories of them. Call to them, remember them, they will come and in your darkest hour, provide the light that can guide you back from the depths of depression and despair.

Through you, they will live forever. Through you, they can experience a life they never were able to live. Through you, and your eyes, they can see their families grow.

Letting go is hard; but not impossible. Letting go does not mean you forget them. Letting go is an understanding  of temporary separation between you, your loss, and the powers that watch carefully over the balance which is life, and death.

Do not forget that they live within you.  When you live, you live for them. You laugh,
you cry, and you dance for them- an intricate weave of love and memories.

Do not forget- and they will live forever within you, and yours.

Always and always,

Futuristically yours,


5 thoughts on “The Balance of Life and Death”

  1. Life is an illusion. We live and die many times.

    Budda –

    In theory to gain imortality you must first
    deserve it – you deserve it by never causing
    a death. This is impossible. Even the holiest
    vegan unintentionally destroyes something.
    We spend our time stealing it from others.

    Only when humans are “Slaughtered” by
    mother nature to create furtilizer to grow
    grass for cattle is balence restablished, I
    do not believe we expire so much as we
    are Harvested, for the sake of other

    Mufasa was right we are all connected,
    in the great circle of life.
    the wild animals


  2. I’ve read this at least three times.

    A quote I heard on Criminal Minds “The goal is not to live forever but to create something that will.” The dead live through the living,family and friends,people who will eventually die themselves. To put an end to this cycle I think we should contribute something to the world that is deathless. Big or small.


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