The Killing Joke

Ledger’s Joker said,

“…You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are…”

Fast forward to Joker’s last scene. Batman threw him off a skyscraper building to his supposed death and he did nothing but laugh.

The fear of death is the Devil’s favorite weapon.


Because no one knows. No one can prove definitely what happens after death. This uncertainty frightens people out of their wits.

Death is silent. Humans are machines of interpretation and explanation. They have to know. So, the churches help instead of hinder the Devil’s cause. How? Because they’re saying something. If the churches stop speaking and mentioning God’s opposition, his cause would suffer a severe setback.

There is no such thing as a place called heaven or hell that a person goes after death. Heaven and hell are on planet earth. Har-old, your life is either a heaven or a hell. And it can be both throughout a person’s life. Some people make heaven after going through a life of hell. Some people go through hell after making a life of heaven.

Flip. Flip. Flip.

But the few ones who were tired of life’s flipping nature learned there was a key to life’s pearly gates. And you know how they did this? They discovered you are born living a heaven on earth because you have power over your thoughts. BUT! Your thoughts are set to negative by default. So, if you neglect to take control of your mind, it will STAY NEGATIVE and it will get worse over time due to your indifference. That’s why you must constantly and continuously search for positive thoughts that pay rent in your mind.

You have to do two challenging things …

Escape a burning house.

And cross a busy street to get to the big white house with the pearly gates.

What will you save from that burning house?

Will you look constantly both ways and not be a victim of a terrible hit-and-run “accident?”

Life is serious but death is a joke. You came in crying so leave laughing. Fear nothing!

Futuristically yours,



26 thoughts on “The Killing Joke”

  1. oh harnew! just when i think how lucky i am to have you as my 1st subscriber and LOVE reading your blog, you go and write something even more awesome than the last post! your mind’s brilliant and your ability to articulate difficult thoughts is penetratingly discerning…

    this post reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite songs “life like weeds” by modest mouse.
    isaac brock writes:
    “And in the places you go, you’ll see the place where you’re from. And in the faces you meet, you’ll see the place where you’ll die. And on the day that you die, you’ll see the people you’d met. And in the faces you see, you’ll see just who you’ve been.”


      1. You’re on your way to a heaven mind-set though. I can tell from what you’ve shared in your writing.

        Are you talking about Is It Time To Jump Yet? or Why I Am A Danger To The Public? I haven’t checked out the former but from the brief I read I know it’s moving. I have your blog set to instantly but sometimes I wait so I can leave the proper comment your posts command. Oh…and I always wanted to ask you where do you get your pictures. Your pictures go so well with the content. I struggle with finding appropriate photos.


        1. I was talking about Is it Time to Jump Yet?, but both really… just that fear is not going to be an option for me anymore, b/c all it’s doing is creating literally, “a living hell.”
          … in response to the pics question: i’ve been collecting images i think are cool for so many years, they’ve all added up and i can find one that goes with whatever topic i’m writing about now. my suggestion is every time you see a pic you like, download it. even if it has nothing to do with your writing at the time, b/c maybe someday it might.
          and oh ya! …my name is Lauren… nice to meet you formally 🙂


          1. Hey Lauren 🙂 I need to re-read “Is It Time To Jump Yet?” Find a lot of interesting pictures but if they’re not relevant I don’t download and save ’em. But now I’ll start.


    1. Tell me your name so I can address you properly. Thank you! I think it was Vegas that initially attracted me to your blog but the more and more you wrote I seen the similarities we shared. Happy to be your first subscriber and glad to have you as one of mines 🙂

      Nice lyrics. I will have to check that song out.


  2. “…you are born living a heaven on earth because you have power over your thoughts. BUT! Your thoughts are set to negative by default. So, if you neglect to take control of your mind, it will STAY NEGATIVE and it will get worse over time due to your indifference…”

    So profound. Life is really a gift. Often times people get so caught up in the trivialities of the world that they really miss out on living life to the fullest. Negative thinking is like cancer to the mind and tobacco to the soul.

    Loved the post.


  3. I like your explanation of heaven and hell as states of being on earth. Not being a religious person at all, I’ve always felt that heaven and hell were more mindsets, not physical places, that people simply felt comfortable thinking in.
    Having a binary to bookend your thoughts is always easier. It turns the process of making a decision into an action rather than a question– I do this, and I end up in heaven; I do this, and I go to hell.
    But like you’ve said, this kind of thinking comes at a cost. I think we miss out on much in life by constantly occupying ourselves with what might come after it.
    Instead, we can make the best or the worst of our lives right here, right now, and through our own means.

    Thanks for the post =)


    1. I’m not a religious person at all either. We are the God of our good life or the Devil of our hard life. You’re right! We occupy our minds so much with what MIGHT come after life that we forget to ENJOY life. Your thinking will cost you or pay you.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing your comment on this letter 🙂


    2. YES I have also always thought this! — what’s more, when something happens we can CHOOSE our reaction. We choose how we react and how we react determines the outcome, the effect on our lives– whether we will send ourselves to a private Heaven or a private Hell– of course sometimes there isn’t much choice. Sometimes it’s only a choice between a really horrid Hell or a slightly better one. Sometimes there doesn’t even seem to be a choice.


      1. We forget to think, therefore, we forget we have choices. Sometimes it’s hard to control your reaction when you’re in the moment and you only learn from hindsight. But you ALWAYS have a choice. Just go somewhere you can be alone and THINK. Never accept from life which you do NOT want.


  4. Wow…I love this post. esp. I wrote about my fear of death as well and my fear is similar to your description. Apart from the fear of the unknown, I really want to acheive so much before my time comes. However, I do not control death. I can’t say…”yo Death, I am busy acheiving my goals. Come back later.” So I think our fear of death is also stimulated by our loss of control when it comes to death. We love to be in control.

    When you said “You came in crying so leave laughing” it made me smile. That’s a real nice interpretation. Additionally it ties in with your theme of thinking positive thoughts which can only make us smile or laugh. Great post…loooves it.


    1. Thanks for leaving a link. I will check that post out.

      I laughed at what you said to Death. The only time we control death is when we take a life-suicide or homicide. And hopefully, we aren’t that much of control freaks.

      When we learn some things are just out of our control and accept it, we can get a better handle on the things we are in control of. Appreciate the love!


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