Reality Plays Catch Up

Let us live our lives as though all our dreams have come true then challenge reality to catch up.

Har-old, you always wanted to learn to write clearly and legibly with your left hand.

Well, why don’t you learn how to do it, but for real this time?

Consistency is key.

I’m issuing a challenge. Will you accept it?

Practice writing with your left hand.

Each day for 30 days, write one full piece of paper left-handed.

“Clearly and legibly? I will need more time,” you say.

No you won’t!

In order to speed the process, I also want you spend time each and everyday imagining you’re writing clearly and legibly at high-speed.

In your mind, your left-handed writing will look better than your right-handed writing. If the reader of this left-handed writing says, “I can’t read this. It’s totally illegible.” I want you to say, “Reality hasn’t caught up with me yet.”

Futuristically yours,


P.S. Har-old, you can write out the letters here. Start with this one.


8 thoughts on “Reality Plays Catch Up”

    1. It’s more of a mind thing than a left-handed thing. It’s about advancing your imagination past what reality shows you. For instance, my left-handed writing is illegible, unclear and I’m writing slowly. But in my mind’s eye the writing is high-speed, clear and legible. By me constantly doing this consistently, reality will eventually catch up to me because I refuse to quit.


  1. i’m left handed and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be… you get ink smeared all along the side of your palm, you have to tilt the paper horizontally to write in a straight line (& then still it’s not very straight), you tend to press down on the pen harder than right handers leaving an ache in your hand that can hurt like all hell!, and not many things are left hand friendly like notebooks & scissors… but good luck to you if you really want all that 🙂 (in contrast we are said to be in our “right minds” which tend to dominate creativity, so that’s always good!) haha!!


    1. The letter is about practicing writing with my left-hand but it’s more about playing mind games with myself and strengthening my imagination. Also, realizing I’m ahead of reality with my futuristic thoughts.

      I’ve been consistently practicing for these last few days. As a matter of fact, I will practice after I’m done with this comment. I can’t agree with anything you’re saying because IN MY MIND I write better left handed. I don’t care about the “reality” of the paper.

      As I was practicing yesterday, I thought of how words in front of a mirror are backwards. This gave me the idea to start from the right side of the page and write the words backwards. So, instead of you writing the word from beginning to end, you write from ending to beginning. This will take some getting use to because you have to study the actual word and the placement of the letters. It’s fun 🙂


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