My Butt Itches

No matter what happens, don’t move. If you feel like you have to scratch your nose, don’t move. If your ass itches, don’t move. It will go away. Just sit still. And as the stillness begins to settle, things that are happening on the outside become less important. Some thoughts come into your mind, but you’ll begin to realize how insignificant they are. You’ll find the distractions will eventually disappear. The way you’ll make the distractions disappear is by focusing on your breath.

Har-old, have you noticed every time you find that comfortable spot where you can cross your legs, close your eyes and meditate, you itch … somewhere … your nose, your butt, your head?

Sometimes the uncomfortable sensation of the itch takes control of your thoughts and fills your mind with scratching, eventually forcing your hand.

Other times you ignore the uncomfortable sensation by taking possession of your mind with thoughts of comfortable sensations and the itch just disappears.

Okay. It’s obvious which one I prefer. So, here’s the connection …

The only time a distraction is doing some good is when you’re diverting your attention from something worrying and unpleasant to something different or more pleasurable. Only time.

But when you are doing that “pleasurable” and “desirable” thing and you let something of lesser importance or even another interest distract you, you are scratching your skin completely off. Concentrate on ONE thing at a time. Remember: The jack of all trades is seldom good at any.

This is what I want …

Set aside one day (every week on the same day) as self-organization day. Think and plan for several hours on self-organization day. Every hour for the following week should be scheduled. WRITE YOUR SCHEDULE DOWN! I would tell you to allow room for flexibility but this could be a distraction in itself and cause you to drift. So, make your schedule tight!

Self-organization day will increase your thinking ability and doing of things in their order of importance. The day will improve your foresight and raise your planning level. The day will help you save future time and make you look at yourself in disgust for how unorganized you use to be.

That’s not for me! I can’t do that sort of thing-live on a schedule. I wouldn’t be happy.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. You are already living on a schedule. And, if it’s not a planned one, it’s probably a poor one.

Futuristically yours,



9 thoughts on “My Butt Itches”

  1. Haha I get that way too with planning or “not planning” and I know what you mean by not wanting to live on a plan. I use to fear that if I plan too much then it was just going to suck the “little” fun out of my life. Also I think I have a tendency to obsessive compulsive and also feared that if I start planning too much then it is going to take over my life and I won’t know how to stop. The thing is though, while I may have sensible reasons for my fears – they may also be excuses and me being disorganized may just be preventing me from being someone greater.


    1. I think it’s nothing wrong with being obsessed with planning as long as you put your plans into play. We’re already living on a schedule because we are creatures of habit. We are routine. So, we need to actually write out a schedule and get organized. I haven’t fully started but I subtracted the hours of rest I need (6) from the hours in a day (24) and will fill the 18 hours out with things that are making good use of my time. I need to be always moving forward. I thought I was organized but I’m not.


  2. I think I just lack the focus to stay on my schedule. I try so hard to make and create my schedules and they are extremely organized let me tell you, my official schedules, not the ones you see on my blog. On my blog are the spontaneous day schedules. . .which actually doesn’t make sense, to be spontaneous you can’t plan. So, yeah. . .where was I going? Oh, right, my lack of focus. . . It’s not exactly a lack of focus persei but it’s more my mom ruins the original schedule I had by telling me: “oh you need to go to the dentist and eye doctor and your other doctor” and this actually happened recently, I had already known I was to go to the eye doctor and my normal doctor, but she threw a dentist appointment. Dentist was at 11, eye doctor 11:30 and Doctor at 12pm. I was surprised I even made it to each place. They are miles apart and I had to walk. . .It was NOT fun. So how would I keep my focus in my schedule? Any tips? By the know, I like you’re layout.


    1. Well, let me tell you, your answers is in your comment … YOUR MOM IS RUINING YOUR SCHEDULE! Don’t make an original schedule until you collaborate with your mom on the things she has planned for you. Then incorporate that with the things YOU want. No more unofficial and official schedules. It’s too confusing. Your “blog schedule” and paper schedule should read similarly. So basically, my tips are: don’t make that original schedule until you collaborated with your mom, otherwise, she WILL mess it up. No more unofficial and official schedules. Just stick with the officials.

      Appreciate the layout compliment. You’re welcome. I wish I discovered your blog yesterday so I wasn’t late with it 🙂


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