October 22, 2011

Your two fortune cookies from July 22, 2011 …

Linger over dinner discussions this week for needed advice.

Tiera. IHop. Yeebizan. Original plan.

This fortune cookie came true.

Your other fortune cookie …

Remember three months from this date! Your lucky star is shining.

It’s not October 22, 2011 but the progress you’re making tells me this one will come true as well.

Mark your calendar. You’re creating your own luck!

Let’s do this, Har-old.

I love you!

Futuristically yours,


P.S. Eat more Chinese!


8 thoughts on “October 22, 2011”

  1. Had more Chinese two days ago. Again two fortune cookies. One said, “You will receive an unusual gift.” Unusual, huh? I don’t even receive usual gifts. So, any received gift will be unusual. I’m so ready to see what it is. The other said, “People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner.” This one assured me. An aspiring preacher told me a long time ago I had a way of making people believe the sky is orange when it’s blue. Haha! Look up!


  2. AWESOME. My friends and I have a longstanding tradition of keeping the fortunes in our wallets… they seem to come true more often that way xD

    And yes, definitely eat more Chinese.


  3. Harnew,
    Thanks for reading my blog and for “liking” it! Hey, I think it was meant for me to see your site today: odd how the message on your first fortune cookie aligns with what I just wrote on my post about how my friends and I plan to sit around the table, eat pizza and drink wine and talk about our new business ventures. It’s a small and meaningful synchronicity (sp?). The second fortune cookie applies, too. I love the idea of our stars ascending! Thanks again.


    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for telling me that. Yeah, that is a great idea. This chinese place I frequently go to never puts the fortune cookies with my rice, I have to request them to. And they always give me two. Just like these, my fortune cookies come in pairs. Mines have been coming true. Sometimes I enjoy the fortune cookie more than the rice.


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