There’s No Rest For The Wicked

Dear  Trista,

Recently you’ve gotten to your sleepless lawyer mode where everything appears to be typical and right down to the very books. But two books have found their way to you that will change the rest of your life and how you see things . . . forever. The first book called Tapping The Source will teach you how to connect to the universe and slip into the harmony of the ways of our creator because by all means you were created in his/her/ its image so you are perfect anyways. The knowledge that you are sucking up like a sponge I cannot even begin to explain.

The second book called the Celestine Prophecy will teach you how human beings are evolving and your generation is beginning to notice certain things the generations before did not have the capacity to . . . who knows maybe one day you will know the reason why we are on this planet to begin with. While you are on your journey and spiritual conquest I suggest you take it easy today and take care of business in a light motion to where it feels like a breeze underneath your heavenly wings.

Best regards!




2 thoughts on “There’s No Rest For The Wicked”

  1. I loved the Celestine Prophecy. I wouldn’t really say it is things other generations haven’t known, as much of it has been inspired by ancient communities and cultures. It is a life changing book for sure though. One of my favorite authors as well.


  2. I’m always looking to add to my library. I know you read nothing but the best so thanks for the recommendations. I’m currently reading Frank Bettger’s How I Raise Myself From Failure To Success In Selling. It’s equipping me with all the knowledge I need to be a great salesman.


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