Wealth At The Push Of A Button

Dear Har-old,

If you were a footer and I always talked to you about my various cars named after different women, would you get upset?

If you were single and I always talked to you about being in this great romance, would you get upset?

If you were in a job that you hated and I always talked to you about doing what I love, would you get upset?

No to all three, right? Instead  you will enjoy it and get inspired by it. And that’s something I always liked about you. You are money conscious, therefore, this will not work on you. However, when I talk to poverty conscious people about my nice cars, about my love life and about my dream job, they get upset. Why? You want to know why? Because I’m pushing their buttons. It’s not about me and my wealth. It’s about them not being okay with wealth, which makes them dislike seeing it flaunted by others.

Dr. Joe Vitale said,

If there’s something in your life that is pushing your hot buttons that is probably an area of a belief that needs to be released.

So, I should only flaunt my wealth in front of money conscious people, right? No!

I LOVE flaunting my wealth in the faces of the poverty conscious. Why? Because I’m trying to get them to realize the button is not external; it’s inside them. It’s their inner hot button. I’m trying to help them dissolve their inner limits. These people have low prosperity IQ’s because they have been miseducated for years by low salary teachers-their parents, the church, their friends, television, their environment. These “students” don’t raise their hand and question any of these common limiting beliefs about money. They just let other people think for them. And the scary part about this is the teachers are teaching and the students are learning at an unconscious level. So, the only way to become aware of these beliefs is acknowledging (writing it down) when someone or something pushes your hot button.

I mean, look at you! You were raised around nothing but poverty conscious people and you never let their penny thoughts rub against your fourth quarter.

The Joker said,

It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message.

And the message the money conscious is sending to the poverty conscious is hidden in their “flaunting of wealth.”

Futuristically yours,



2 thoughts on “Wealth At The Push Of A Button”

  1. I watched The Dark Knight again last night. I read an article once that said things that get you really upset are unresolved issues in your own life that you need to address. So profound, and you basically explained it in this post.


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