Just A Note

When you feel like the world is against you, just remember no one stands in the way of you but yourself. Even if the world is against you, it is completely up to you how you decide to react to it. You can cry and moan in sadness. You can bury yourself  in anger and doubt- OR you can pick the world up and throw it at the wall.

Shatter it into a million pieces, pick the pieces up, put them into a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Kiss it, then place it in your top drawer. Before you close the drawer, go ahead and throw up that second finger from your thumb. Who’s left now? Just you.

Create your destiny, pursue your happiness that the worlds influence would not allow to do. Drown yourself in a sweet bliss. Open the drawer up every now and then and stare at that plastic bag. Feel that nostalgia. How does it feel? Are you indifferent? The fact that you feel this way must mean you have managed to disconnect from the old feelings you had about it. Analyze this feeling carefully. The conclusion: You’re not indifferent, you have only made yourself stronger. It was the only thing that could happen, after the world hit the wall.

After all, the world is in YOUR top drawer. You own it, you controlled it all along. Go ahead and open that drawer now. Open that bag, carefully put the pieces back together. Put it on a golden stand in a nice crystal case. Place it somewhere you will always see it, but it blends into the background. Stop and look at every now and again. Remember how it was shattered. Look very closely at those little fine line cracks in-between each piece you put back together. Step back and notice how you can’t see them from more than 6 inches away.

Take it out of its case carefully. Cradle it in your hands for a minute, love it, admire it, kiss it softly. Kiss it again. Put it back. Smile and walk away.


5 thoughts on “Just A Note”

  1. You’re so creative : ) I love how you can take something figurative and paint it in a visual way, so we can see it. I have trouble being tough sometimes…it’s good to remind myself that A) I don’t always have to react and B) when I choose to react it really is my choice on how I do so.

    Why is life so hard? lol Sometimes I wanna become a monk and live a spiritual life of solitude, etc.


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