Compliment Question: Were You Raised … ?

This was done with one finger. Best shadow puppet ever or world's ugliest finger?

Dear Mr. Now My Grandmama Ain’t The Only Girl Calling Me Baby,

Compliment Question-expression of praise in the form of a doubt about the truth or validity of something.

Have any girls ask this lately?

Were you raised by your grandparents or was you in a household with both parents?

Good thing you follow-up your answer with a question of your own:

 Yeah, why you ask?

Let’s dig a little deeper into their response of:

Most guys your age are beyond disrespectful; you’re not the stereotypical black male.

I’m not taking anything away from grandma because that would mean giving to someone else and it sure isn’t her daughter. But let’s be honest about something. Grandma was a busy woman. Never home. Always on the go. Always at work. The credit goes to her environment. You was sheltered. Despite running out of fingers and toes to count your brothers and sisters on, you was brought up as an only child, treated as such. Being the only child means a lot of alone time, playing with yourself, and using your imagination to create people you wished were around you. See where I’m going with this?

It doesn’t matter if you were raised by grandparents, both parents, a single parent, an older sibling, etc. Because what it comes down to is parenting yourself. If YOU can not balance YOURSELF with the thought of a mother and the act of a father you will fall like a baby learning to walk. It’s about character, all about character. Building yourself up and knocking down your 101 ft. statue when you become too big for your britches, young man. It’s about being many people to yourself. It’s about your lower-self wanting something, but respectful enough to ask your higher-self for permission, and accepting of no, if that’s the answer.

I know it comes down to parenting yourself because I’ve recently met several troubled young men who grandma has spent more time with them than ours but was NEVER asked that compliment question. You know why? They’re part of the kids-having-kids generation where their mama is old enough to be one and their grandma is young enough to be one. They don’t make grandmas like they use to. You already can see the future and I can tell you the new grandma won’t be nice, will have no wisdom and will be more of a “friend.” This is the future I’m in.

If that same person continue their compliment questioning with the starting, “are you sure … ?” then I KNOW I did a good job raising you. Ha! If you did a good job on yourself, imagine how great of a job you can do on others … your kids. I just thought I tell you this while you have this young age and atypical mind state going on because you won’t get that same compliment question when you’re the “he should know better” age. It’s temporary. And you should study how others look at you and the what is the difference between you and who you’re being compared to.

Pardon the 8-9 day vacation. I’ve been busy traveling the world giving speeches, lecturing and teaching. But I want you to know I will never forget the most important talk I can have and that is the one with you.

Futuristically Yours,

I’m back, baby!

P. S. Although, I haven’t written any new letters my presence is all over the site. Have you read the new About page? Have you checked the Suggestion Box? Have you seen the new Resume? Have you paid attention to how I freaked this theme? Have you checked out the awesome blogs on the blogroll? Do you see the snow falling? Hmmm?

P.P.S. Where are my new authors?!?!


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