You get two days to cry (after that…)

Cj 28,

What is happening to you? Your light is dimming. There is a faraway look in your eyes. You are compromising so much of yourself. What happens to doing your best? Do you believe that living a mediocre life is doing your best?

Look at yourself. STOP with the “buts”.

Be silent and just look at yourself. How will you ever meet me if you waste away in depression? What happens to knowing that nothing new can come into your life until you are grateful for that which you already have? What happens to knowing that sometimes you have to be at a particular place before you can get to your destination? You don’t just ARRIVE.

What is that I see? Tears. Ok. CRY. I want you to cry. I am giving you two days. Only two day to just cry. Throw yourself the pity party. Embrace the part of the story that keeps you wallowing in your own sadness like a pig wallowing in mud. After that, the tears are enough. You are just one pitiful woman expecting the world to feel sorry for you. I am giving you two days to cry because after that it is just sad. You are just sad. Look at you sitting there – crying about a problem you just recently attempted to address; wanting the problem to go away as soon as you think it.

Seriously CJ28, seriously?

Harry Potter is for Hollywood my dear. Leave magical things to the big screen. Life’s challenges will never disappear with the flick of a wand.

Answer this question, when you are driving in a downpour – can you see ahead clearly if your windshield wipers are defective? Ok, I thought so too. So why do you think that you will be able to see clearly with all the tears in your eyes. You cannot figure out the answers to the important questions because you have defective wipers in your life. Go and get them fixed.

Now CJ28, this is what I want you to do after day 2. Wipe your eyes and embrace the other side of the story. There is always a positive side to the story. I can’t tell you the answer. It is there and you will figure it out. So, just get those wipers fixed and the answer will come to you.

…and please remember, you are here today so that you can be somewhere else in the future.

Futuristically yours,



17 thoughts on “You get two days to cry (after that…)”

  1. Nice! I like the windscreen analogy. So true! I’m also a quick recoverer. If it makes you cry in the first place, it’s not worth crying about! (with the exception of two sidekicks, death and taxes). This can usually be replaced with a he/she 🙂
    Like it!


  2. Good on you for living out those two days and looking with new eyes towards the future. The healing power of crying is great, but like your future self said, you can’t see clearly through the tears. You shared this so honestly and your vulnerability is inspiring and beautiful…seems like you saw the positive side even before those two days of tears.


    1. Hey thanks a lot for your comment and I agree that the healing power of crying is great. Sometimes we bottled up our pain inside and tears is just one such way to release the pain.


  3. Really enjoyed youe post! Love your creative thoughts and artistic format, too. Yes, now is the time to do and enjoy…minutes cannot be retrieved, so we can’t afford to waste them and cry afterward. Life is too short!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog “behappylivelife” . I think it’s a positive philosphy and I’m happy to share it with others.


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