Never Forget

Forging forward can be habit-forming…proceed with caution, but proceed.

Your lucky you can get into the habit of progress, but don’t start forgetting where you’ve been. It can be difficult to make that decision to live in the present, and by making that decision you can be tempted to block out the past, but you can live in the present with full awareness of what you have encountered if you own it, completely.

A great way to own your past is to bring it forward. Talk to people who knew you, who still know you. Bring things forward, talk about what happened and how everyone or everything has changed and what remained. Bring it forward in a way you haven’t yet. There is something in every experience that pulled you forward a bit. There is something in every experience waiting for you to claim and transform into something more.

Never forget what you’ve been through and honor the fact that you are a survivor as you take steps to survive even more.
~~Flying High


3 thoughts on “Never Forget”

  1. Excellent points all, I quite agree with the approach/attitude and advice you’ve given here.
    The past is a part of us and a lesson to be learned and to help us grow and remember where and what we were before we became what we are now.


  2. I am studying how the ancients treated past and future. I have yet to get into their mindset, but there was a connection they had that tied all things together.


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