Winning Streak

Winning one game is not a winning streak. A winning streak refers to a CONSECUTIVE number of games won. So, don’t get overly excited about Har+new overpowering Har-old today. That means nothing! Why? Because you tend to relax, let your guard down and let Har-old back in the castle. When you can put together a string of these occurrences then you’re on to something. How? Because that means it has the potential to become habit. The potential to become addictive. The potential to become Har+new. The ideal.


One thought on “Winning Streak”

  1. Just rediscovered this blog, and I’m glad I did! I can definitely relate to this one: it’s difficult resisting the temptation to relax upon a single victory as if it had been preceded by dozens. This mentality definitely makes for actual winning streaks to manifest.

    It’s inspiring to see someone else actively challenging themselves and striving for personal improvement. Keep it up!


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