A Man of Action

Remember when you read a comment saying, ” … it’s just a simple HTML page … .” ? What great news?! Alex confirmed your suspicions. Despite being a freshman at Code Academy you can still build something noteworthy on the web … AND NOW. Yeah, it would have to be simple, but remember this, users will pay more for simplicity. Your fundraising idea is more important than your big web idea. Why?

Well, first off, that you would have the insight to make the money before you make the baby is commendable. Lack of money and persistence are two reasons why startups fail. You have the latter bordering on being a pest, and this fundraising idea will give the former in abundance. Even help you pass that 100K bitch of a milestone.

Second. Look where Alex is today, 7 years after the Million Dollar Homepage. He’s doing something that’s probably even simpler, with Calm. Why didn’t you think of that, stupid?! And he’s living in California, a place you want to call home. The things he’s doing now would not have been possible if he didn’t become a millionaire first.

Lastly. You ARE that rare combination of “idea guy” and action figure. Reason you’re feeling more like the former is because you’re coming up with ideas that are outside of your skill set. Remember that time you said you think the wrong ideas sometimes because you don’t have the skills to quickly execute them? Well, with this fundraising idea, it’s so simple that you should be embarrassed if you don’t have everything ready by October 1st. An idea outside of your skill set can discourage you and make you question, “am I an actor? This fundraising idea will prove you’re like Bane: A man with a plan and a man of action.



P.S. I know you only took HOH 10-20% serious at first but now the more and more you think about it you see just how much potential this baby has!

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