What’s The Next Step Of Your Master Plan?!

Purple Galaxy
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My experience with prayer has taught me that so often all which results from prayer is a plan (if the prayer is answered at all), a plan that is suited for the attainment of the object of the prayer through natural and material media. The plan must be transmuted, through self-effort action.

Dear Har-old,

We have mirror conversations all the time.

But the gems I drop in those conversations are often victims of recall.

The 100-something letters I wrote you were suppose to be the sticky notes on that mirror.

If I was on a writing schedule I would write you everyday.

You know why I don’t?

Not because I’m busy; I’ll always have time for you.

It’s because you discourage my typing fingers.


You read; don’t apply.

Not just with my letters to you but with the content in your Billion Dollar Library as well.

Let’s put an end to this, soon! Tonight, maybe?

One of the best letters I wrote you is The 5 Secrets To Effective Prayer.

How many times in the last 11 months have you prayed?


Now, here you are on the last day of Genius Level Planner-Think And Feel Beyond The Present Moment and still sitting on a mere outline of a master plan.

Where are my smallest of details?

Well, good news …

You don’t have to plan like Joker.


But you do have to act like Bane.


When you pray using my suggested techniques, I want you to forget about your plan and just concentrate on your purpose.

Trust the Universal Mind to hand over your master plan.

The plan must STILL be acted upon.

YOU cannot escape this!

If you try, running will be the only verb you’re known for.

Futuristically yours,



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