Your Idea Whoring Has Cost You Up To $70,000

My star on the red carpet

Hey Harold- wanted to let you know that we launched the Amazing Risk Startup Challenge today, or at least, submissions are open for a contest that will actually be held with finalists during Global Entrepreneurship Week. I’d be remiss if I didn’t reach out personally on this one- the winning startup receives $5k in cash and $5k in in-kind services.  Certainly no pressure- just wanted to make sure you knew about the opportunity.

Screw Pulp won the Amazing Risk Startup Challenge, taking home $10,000 in cash and in-kind services.

Care 2 Mange was crowned the winner of the “Everywhere Else Video contest”, taking home $10,000 in seed money.

Coyote Case won $25,000 coming in first place in the quick pitch contest.

AspirEDU was crowned best of the village and awarded $25,000.

What do all these contests have in common?

They were all pitch competitions!

How many have you participated in?

3 contests, however, pitched a total of 5 times, and already doing it like a pro.

This should make you turn into The Incredible Hulk …

Screw Pulp was one of the 4 startups that won at June’s 48 Hour Launch with Yadoog.

Your pitch advice to Ella aided in her winning $10,000 for Care 2 Manage.

Yeah, you wasn’t a mere attendee at the conference and was pitch coach to Danielle for Pink Robin Avenue but y’all didn’t win the two pitch contests y’all was in. That’s $50,000 gone!

Worse, you shouldn’t have been a mere team member of a startup, but, the leader of one, either with Yadoog or Acquire For Pennies.

Your idea whoring has cost you who knows how much. In the least, $10,000.

Please commit to one idea and work as hard to keep it as you did in trying to come up with it.

Please , please, please, make up for this when these events come back around.

No one is a better pitchman than you!

The theme of Acquire For Pennies was action. Now, think of an idea you can commit to and act on. YOU!



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