Teen Spends 3 Days In Jail For Peeing In Public As Baby

I'll kick his ass!
I’ll kick his ass! (Image via Twitter)

15 years ago, Mallory Robboy was taking a walk with her 3-year-old when he told her he had to pee. Without a restroom or person in sight, she told him to just “make pee in grassy.” A police officer who was staking out the area saw the infraction and told her she had 2 choices: Pay a $2,000 fine or sometime during the age of 18 her son has to spend 3 days in jail. Financially strapped, she chose the latter. “It was the worst decision I ever made in my life,” the Alabama mom said. Robboy said she managed to block out her embarrassing decision for the last decade but on her son’s 18th birthday the nightmarish thought came back to haunt her: “At some point during the age of 18 I have to tell him he has to spend 3 days in jail for a bad decision I made when he was 3. What makes it worst is he’s never been to jail. He’s a good kid.” Robboy said the most tear jerker of all is she purposely tried to distance herself from her son over the years. “I tried to raise him up hard so he won’t become a momma’s boy. I figured if he expected a certain type of behavior from me then him going to jail because of me won’t hurt as much.” But it will, because despite her attempts of trying to distance herself from her son, Marshall Robboy, he’s a momma’s boy. Contributing to this is she’s a single parent and Marshall doesn’t have a father to run to when mommy mean. He only has her.

However, there’s a bright side.

Ms. Robboy said the only reason this happened in the first place is because she was financially strapped. “I became motivated to get rich so I would never be in that situation again. Ever since that day I’ve overcompensated for my bad decision.” However, although, Ms. Robboy is a millionaire now, it won’t do her and Marshall any good. She can’t bail him out. She can’t put him on house arrest. She can’t fight it. Her son has to spend 3 days in jail regardless. That was the deal made with the Alabama Police Department 15 years ago, sadly.

It’s April 27th 2013. Marshall’s 19th birthday is May 30th. Ms. Robboy has up until May 27th to turn her son in. We can only imagine how she will break this to him … and how he will take it 😦

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How do you think Marshall will take this news?


8 thoughts on “Teen Spends 3 Days In Jail For Peeing In Public As Baby”

    1. Did you forget you commented on this before? It’s been so long; I forgot. But I just checked. You did. What made you comment on this again after 2 years?


  1. This can’t be true can it? Is it not a little harsh – especially in todays day and age of course? Do laws not change? Also, if she’s rich, why can’t she just pay the $2,000 now or more its a higher rate now. Either way, she should have probably broke it to him sooner than later – that way he could have prepared himself a little.

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  2. you have got to be making this up! come on! A bargain like that would hardly stand up in court…even if they could find the papers, which I guess isn’t the Alabama police’s strong point. Still – gotta say it serves him right. He should’ve got those three days jail when he was three, now THAT would have taught him manners! (just kidding)

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  3. Wow, that is so screwed up. The fact that something like that is allowed to happen without anyone going “hey, um, this is complete bullshit” is just disturbing. I hope the world is different when I have kids.

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