Reloaded: OMFG!

I want you to perform a live demo of this letter for your Toastmasters icebreaker.
I want you to perform a live demo of this letter for your Toastmasters icebreaker.

Dear Har-old,

*pacing back and forth, head down, hand on top of head saying “think, Har-old, think! Think, dammit!*

*bumps into someone*

*Har-old slowly looks at figure from shoes to face then goes unconscious*

*Unconscious for 30 minutes*

*Har-old wakes up eyes hurting and hand rubbing head then hears a voice.*

Person : Are you okay?

Har-old : Yeah, I just had a crazy dream I met my …

Person : Here, let me give you a hand.

Har-old : Thanks!

*Har-old slowly looks at figure from toe to head then starts breathing heavy*

Person : Keep calm … and remember intellectuals tend to talk to themselves more frequently but it takes true genius to vividly see yourself as you would like to be while doing so.

Har-old : Oh my God! Do you … do you know who you are?!

Person : *smiles* Of course! I am you … from the future.

Har-old : What … what happen to your leg and arm?

Person : … You! Ha! Remember that famous photograph from Back To The Future of Marty and his siblings?

Har-old : Yeah, his brother was headless in it.

Person : You remember why?

Har-old : Because Marty was doing things in the past that affected the future.

Person : Now you know why I’m here!

Har-old : … Oh my God, you’re gonna give me a sports almanac that tells the future results of every major sporting event so I can become rich?!?! Yessss! *jumps up and down excitedly*

Person : What?! No, no, no! Calm down! I’m hopping around here on 1 foot and you think I’m here to help you?

Har-old : So you’re not here to help me cheat my way through life?

Person : What?! No! I’m here demanding you help me.

Har-old: Huh … how can I help you?

Person : Because you are in control of me. The best way to predict the future is by creating it today. My future life at 46 got off to a great start. billionaire; top 100 companies to work for; 4 many me’s running around trying to fill daddy’s shoes, etc. Then one by one I started to lose it all. I blamed everyone but myself. When I had no one else to blame, that’s only when I looked on the inside and found the problem … you!

Har-old : *looks left and right and mouths* Me?

Person : *shakes head yes* And now I’m at the last stage of what was once a bright future … losing body parts! Yeah … that too!

Har-old : I lost my kids? *look of disgust* What can I do to brighten everything up again? Please! I’ll do anything! Please!

Person: Very well. I will give you one subject a week that you are to give your strict attention to. 13 in all, allowing you to repeat the process 4 times in a year. Each subject is expanded on with a summary that you are to keep with you at all times as a “pocket remainder.”

  1. Time Manager Revolutionary – The time you kill is killing me.
  2. Body Guard – The hungrier one becomes, the clearer one’s mind works.
  3. Artist of Sex Transmutation – If you spent on your work one half the time you dissipate in pursuit of sex, you will never know poverty.
  4. Master of Emotions – A fixed positive response.
  5. Prisoner of Patience– Sit and watch the grass grow.
  6. Master of Appearances – Make your face as malleable as the actor’s.
  7. Fine Decision Maker– Get in the habit of reaching decisions quickly and definitely, and changing them slowly, if at all.
  8. Great Communicator  – A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while, he knows something.
  9. Bookish Applicant – Too often what we read and profess becomes a part of our libraries and our vocabularies, instead of becoming a part of our lives. (You’re wasting your time reading if you’re NOT applying.)
  10. Genius Level Planner – Think and feel beyond the present moment.
  11. Action Figure – DO IT NOW!
  12. Freedom Fighter – Lower level of inhibition.
  13. Master Mind – Success in the higher bracket of achievement is something that can be had only by taking others along with you.

Person : If you successfully complete this list, in one year, I will not only get back what I lost, I will have the ability to never live without it again.

Har-old : I don’t know what to say … thanks Har-old!

Person : Well don’t say that because if you successfully complete this list you will take the old out of your name and put in the new.

Futuristically yours,


P.S. Each letter in some way will expand on the subjects and summaries.



3 thoughts on “Reloaded: OMFG!”

  1. Today was a historical day for FY. I performed a live demo of this letter for my Toastmasters icebreaker. Here is my evaluation from another as well as myself:

    Theme: Self-improvement

    What strong parts does the speaker already have? Good eye contact with audience; good use of body language; clear voice.

    How well did the audience get to know the speaker? The speech was not really personal, however, i think the audience got to know that Harold’s thoughtful, prepared, and is interested improving his communication skills.

    Did the speech reflect adequate preparation? Yes.

    Did the speaker talk clearly and audibly? Yes, very clearly.

    Did the speech have a definite opening, body, and conclusion? Good morning. I suggest that you remind your audience what your speech is about.

    Use of notes? Did not use notes; only used them as part of delivery.

    Body language? Good use of body language.

    My evaluation:

    Verbal language: More differential in Har-old’s voice; I forgot the ending and repeated “If you successfully complete.” But i remembered it as I did the repeat and went on with the script; more emotion in my voice.

    Body language: Legs shaking the whole time; I had my glasses on most of the time instead of raising them for Har-old’s part exposing the bare face; hand gestures was kind of off; I didn’t do the 1 foot hop walk-off at the end.

    Time: 4 minutes; 56 seconds


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