Burger King Gets In Touch With Charles Ramsey Before McDonald’s And Gives Him A Lifetime Supply Of Whoppers … With Cheese

McDonald's Charles Ramsey
Image via McDonald’s Twitter account

After getting free publicity from a viral interview and 911 call, thousands of people have urged McDonald’s to do something for Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland kidnap “hero.” To honor him, some fans of Mr. Ramsey have bought Big Macs in droves, although, he never disclosed that was a part of his “lil’ McDonald’s.” Others have argued Mr. Ramsey “looks more like a rib man” and have urged McDonald’s to bring back the McRib and call it the “Ramsey McRib sammich.” To stop the blowing up of their mentions, McDonald’s posted the tweet you see in the above picture.

As of press time, McDonald’s still hadn’t met with Mr. Ramsey.

Disgusted by the slowness of McDonald’s and pissed their rival had the unexpected spotlight shined on them, Burger King chairman, Alexandre Behring, has offered Charles Ramsey a lifetime supply of Whoppers … with cheese!!! Which is incredible because that’s 10 cents extra!  When we asked what he thought of Burger King giving him Whoppers until he die, Mr. Ramsey said, “Aye bro’, Deaaadddddd giveaway!!!”

Update: After hearing news about Burger King introducing a rib sandwich for their summer menu, Ramsey now wants that to replace the lifetime supply of Whoppers. Guess he was a “rib man” after all.

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What do you think of Burger King jumping in the mix?


2 thoughts on “Burger King Gets In Touch With Charles Ramsey Before McDonald’s And Gives Him A Lifetime Supply Of Whoppers … With Cheese”

  1. I guess everybody wants in the mix! Perhaps next we’ll hear from Wendy’s. But either way, Mr. Ramsey will never go hungry again. As God as his witness! Thanks for peeping in on my site. The culinary “delicacies” piece was a bit bizarro hardcore. I do hope that didn’t scare you away. Should you choose to visit again, you may want to finish your dinner first –


  2. Weeeerddddddd? The best things in life are definitely free! Ahaha, this Charles Ramsey is one lucky man. Food franchises are fighting to keep him full for life. I love it 😀


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