Mom Turns On Subtitles For K-Mart Commercials And Guess What Happens … No P In Ship; No G In Gas

Guess some t.v.’s have better hearing than others. She may not have succeeded in getting Kmart to pull its “ridiculous and disgusting” ads off the air but she was victorious in getting them to pull a few t.v’s from their shelves. In fact, for every room in her house! Danice Howard, mom of three, ages 5, 6, and 10, complained and protested in front of her local Kmart that in both ads the black woman and the kid actually said shi and as. Mrs. Howard said, “I always have subtitles turned on so the children can learn how to read. They’re kids so they don’t read inside their heads yet; they like to read out loud. Thank God they weren’t in the room when this filth came on.” After seeing the commercials, Mrs. Howard stopped letting her kids watch television, altogether. In fact, she completely removed the t.v.’s from their rooms and stored them in the basement. She says, “Unlike shows, you just never know when a certain commercial is going to come on. Or even on what channel. What if they aired this filth during a commercial break of SpongeBob or Dora The Explorer?” Kmart has insisted that the actors in the commercials all said shiP and Gas and that some t.v.’s “have better ears than others.” Mrs. Howard did say she purchased her t.v’s from rival Wal-Mart. To correct the problem, Kmart gave her free t.v.’s for every room she had one in.  Yes, some people even watch t.v. while on the toilet!

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What “curse” word do you think Kmart will do next?


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