Customer Service Rep Gets Fired For Giving Racist Confirmation Number (N As In …)

Replacement phone

What do letters B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V, and Z have in common? They rhyme. So can N and M, as you’re about to learn. As kids learning the alphabet the teacher would give us words starting with those letters. Later in life, we would break down words letter-by-letter using our go-to’s so we can help people understand our bad handwriting or confusing pronunciation (Strong, Sprung, Straw, Strung, Strume). Perhaps, no group of people do this more often than customer service representatives. Unfortunately, for those who conduct customer service over the phone, this is the part that isn’t scripted.

At least not for Virgin Mobile.

“My phone became defective. I called Virgin Mobile to get a replacement device,” said 36-year-old Chicagoan Stella X. “After we were done, she told me to get a pen and something to write on because she was about to give me my confirmation number. This is verbatim. She said, ‘V as in virgin.’ I grunted, mmmhmm. ‘M as in Mary.’ I grunted, mmmhmm. ‘N as in *censored*’. No grunt! There was 8 LONG seconds of silence. I counted! All you heard in those 8 seconds was my pen and my jaw drop to the floor. I was speechless! She broke the silence, however, she was better off keeping her big fat mouth shut! You want to know what she said??? She said, ‘You’re not black, are you?’ Seriously?!?! The VERY first thing coming out of your mouth should be an apology! That enraged me! So, if I was white, would that make what you just said okay? I just hung up the phone! After 10 minutes, I gathered myself and called back. I was pissed I hung up in the first place because I didn’t get her name and Virgin Mobile’s call center is huge and I just knew I was gone get a new rep. The only thing I had working for me is customer service calls are recorded for quality control purposes. After 2 minutes of dealing with that automate crap, it transferred me to a live person, and, lo and behold, I GOT HER A FREAKING ‘GAIN! What a miracle! Soon as she said her name in the script introduction I hung up on her again. Now armed with her name, I called back. Got a new rep who transferred me to a supervisor who said they will investigate the report and listen to the recording. I got a call back the very next day. They told me she was fired! And it didn’t hurt they sent me the iPhone as my replacement phone because you’re only suppose to get the phone you already had, mines being an LG Optimus V Android. But the best part is them giving me free service for a year! Yes, Lordie! That’s not too bad for some *censored*!”

Built on top:

  • Virgin Mobile’s bad customer service

Tell us about your worst customer service experience!


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