7 Reasons Why Sometimes What You Learn Is More Valuable Than What You Earn On A Job

FW1 Demo Can

Dear Har-old,

Har-old: *ripping pages out notebook*

Har+new: What are you doing?

Har-old: Throwing away my notes!

Har+new: What?! Nooooo! Just because you quit don’t mean you should throw away what you learned. These are some good notes. They’re applicable outside of a mere job. Here, sit down!

Student Mentality

Har+new: *going through notes*

Har-old: What are you smiling at?

Har+new: You wrote a lot of these notes twice!

Har-old: So …

Har+new: Well, it wasn’t because you lost the first ones; they’re right here! You wrote them down again to help you learn them. You wrote them down again because you’re teachable, coachable, studious. You wrote them down again because you have no big ego. You can walk away from the marker and whiteboard to the gum-bottom desk with pencil and paper. In the Great University Of Life it’s best to be a student.

How To Be Fake

Har+new: When your first day was broken down the SEE (smile, eye-contact, enthusiasm) factor was circled. Well, SE was because your gaze is hypnotizing and intimidating. That’s from spending hours practicing in front of a mirror! Now you know why you wasn’t enthusiastic, don’t you?

Har-old: Because I didn’t have the energy!

Har+new: And why you didn’t have the energy?

Har-old: Because I lost it to food and sex … again!

Har+new: But you did a good job at pretending the eat and beat didn’t happen, thus faking enthusiasm. You see you sold more pieces Tuesday, don’t you? And what didn’t happen that day? Check your character study! You know the emotions you feel when you actually don’t do it, right?

Har-old: Yeah …

Har+new: Freeze it! Then when you fall victim to food and sex again and find yourself in a position where you need your contagious enthusiasm, sit the emotions out to thaw!

Har-old: I get it!

Har+new: In your notes, they said smiling makes people comfortable. Remember when you read that article about people being able to see through fake grins? You was like, “I’m gone smile with my eyes.” You forget your gaze is too terrifying now *laughing*. You’re not smiling with your eyes; you’re frowning. Therefore, you need to distract people from your eyes with your smile, no matter how fake it is.

Har-old: It was more a laugh than smile *laughing*.

Har+new: Remember some of the stuff you thought about?

Har-old: My kids, grandma. If the girl I was approaching was cute, it wasn’t too hard.

Har+new: *laughing*

Har-old: I’m not trying to flatter you. I’m not!  But I actually was thinking about some of these Future News stories you wrote to make me laugh before I did my intro on people.

Har+new: *fish look*

Maintain an *Positive Amazing *Mental Attitude 100% of the Time

100% Positive Mental Attitude


4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Sometimes What You Learn Is More Valuable Than What You Earn On A Job”

  1. Pitch:
    Hey, how are you doing today mam/sir?
    Have you heard about our deals for the members?
    Do you have cable? Comcast/UVerse?
    Do you have the entire bundle?
    Internet, phone, TV?
    One service (Dish): Is it more than $70?
    Two services: Are they charging you more than a $100?
    Three services: Are they charging you more than $130?

    If yes, turn and burn …

    Step 1: Fact Finding
    1. How many TV’s you have?
    2. How many digital (big) boxes? How many converter (small) boxes you have? *Only Comcast have converter and digital boxes. Everyone else only has digital boxes.* D (Digital)
    3. How many HiDef flatscreen TV’s? / X (Converter)
    4. How many HiDef boxes? HD
    5. You have a DVR? Records in how many rooms? VR
    6. Do you have any Movie channels? HBO, Showtime, etc? Is it promo only or are you paying for those channels?
    7. Any sport fans in the house? Who’s your favorite team? NBA, NFL.

    Step 2: Bundle Breakdown
    Z = Total Bill Cost
    X = Internet: Do you have high speed internet for things like video games/stocks or just regular speed?
    High speed: $45
    Regular: $35
    Y = Home Phone: Do you use your home phone for local calls or for long distance?
    Long distance: $45
    Local: $35
    TV = Is what’s remaining after deduction of internet and phone

    Step 3: DTV Side
    1. D, stands for Digital. We’re going to give you access to all your channels in each room you already pay for. First upgrade.
    2. HD, Hi-Definition. Do you know the difference between 720 and 1080? If no, explain cable is a shared network. You only get 720 and 60Hz. Satellite gives you the full 1080 and 600Hz.
    3. DVR. Do you record a lot? Run into any recording conflicts? Ever find yourself deleting stuff off your DVR? Hate having to be in one room?
    4. Do you watch movies on demand?
    5. Football, NFL Sunday Ticket, every game, every Sunday, live in HD. No blackout, no restrictions. Mobile access on cell, laptop, tablet.

    Comcast DVR: Records 2 shows only. Offers 20 HD/80 SD of storage. Works in only 1 room.
    ATT DVR: Records 2 in HD, 4 in SD. Offers 45 HD/165 SD of storage. Records in all rooms.
    Dish DVR: Records 2 shows at once. Offers 80 HD/ 320 SD of space. Works in 2 rooms.
    DirecTV: Records 5 shows at once. Offers 200 HD/ 800 SD space. Records in all rooms.

    Step 4: 2nd year pricing
    *Let customer see channel lineup*

    Step 5: Close
    This is your 2nd year pricing. You know how companies start you off with that low introductory price then they jack up the bill on you without warning. Well, we tell you upfront the highest your bill will be, which is this 2nd year price. You don’t start paying this until after your promotion is over.

    Box (Digital boxes)
    HD (1080 > 720)
    DVR (5 shows, 200 HD/ 800 SD, All rooms)
    Movies (7,000)
    Sports (NFL Sunday Ticket)

    Upfront Equipment Cost:
    Genie $300
    Mini clients: $100 a piece.
    EX. If they have 4 rooms with one genie and 3 clients then it’s $600. If they have 4 rooms with digital boxes then it’s 280 because they are $170 a piece

    Standard Installation:
    Free. All it is for you today is $19.95.


  2. This is FY’s 200th post! *makes airplane noise*

    Here are unmentioned notes and some in full:
    Law Of Averages: The more people you talk to, the closer you are to a sale. 70% will say no; 20% will say maybe; 10% will say yes. The “looker” and “shopper” hurt your LOA while the “quick no,” “mean & rude,” and “buyer” helps it.

    8 Steps Of Success (This is in order):
    Amazing Attitude
    Be On Time
    Be prepared
    Work a full 8 hours
    Work your territory
    Maintain an Amazing Attitude (* is next to Positive and Mental as an inside joke to myself because when I was teaching this stuff back I put Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) because I’m a student of Napoleon Hill)
    Know why you’re here and where you’re going
    Take control!

    THEIR 5 Steps in full:

    Intro) How are you? How’s your day going? Smile = comfort; Eye-contact = trust; Enthusiasm = curiosity. Make yourself relatable.

    Short Story) Who? Promoting FOR FW1 Racing/Breast Cancer Research Foundation (hand can). What? Waterless Wash & Wax. Why? Let me show you how it works (instead of ‘are you interested?’ because the pause as you’re motioning to the headlights gives them enough time to say ‘No, don’t put that *censored* on my car!’).

    Presentation (DEMO) ) Spray headlights first and say “Usually we let that sit for 8-10 minutes with the high beams on but you have places to go, people to see, so, let me show you how it works on the other areas of your car.” *Spray windows* Cleans like windex, repels like Rain-X; keeps fingerprints off for up to 45 days. *Spray rims* Cleans and repels brake dust for up to 45 days (fav part of demo because I’ll put brake dust from another area of the rims on my finger and wipe the clean area showing it won’t stick then I’ll wipe it on my arm to show it does on me. My line was, “Look, it made me dark-skin!”). *back to headlights* Removes oxidation, adds AUV protection.

    Close) This can retails for $33 online, follow me and I’ll show you what you can get free. *leave the can in their hand*

    REHASH) Ask qualifying questions: How many cars you have? How many kids? Do you have pets?


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