Be A Good Mom Or Someday Your Kids Will Change Their Names, Thus Making Your Tattoo Look Stupid

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

If you’re going to get your children names tattooed on you, all 11 of them, be a good mom, or some day ALL of them will change their name, thus making that tattoo that circles around your neck look stupid.

Revenge for ruining their childhood, DaFinest, Contez, Cornbreesha, Daequan, De’mon, Abcd, Anfernee, Amiracle, DeRyan, Lasharitiavuana, and DaLastone all legally changed their names to Brittany, Carl, Anna, Dean, Damon, Allison, Tony, Trista, Ryan, Sharon, and Clair, respectively. They kept their last name, Carter. They all said they did it for payback on their mother but it was second to a bigger paycheck from jobs as they all seek better career opportunities. Ironically, their mother, 46-year-old Laura (no name change) Carter, is suing her kids for that very reason. The mother claims that before when she went on job interviews and employers asked, “What’s that on your neck?” her answer “The names of my 11 kids” made her stand out among other applicants, thus landing her the job. Good ones. However, with city-wide-coverage of the name changes of her children, Ms. Carter said, “Now they just look at me as a bad mother with random names tattooed on me. It’s too hot in California to wear turtlenecks everyday. I’m not Steve Jobs.” Her third oldest, Anna, formerly Cornbreesha, said, “This lady is ridiculous! She gave us these ghetto ass names but her freaking name is LAURA!”

UPDATE: The judge threw Ms. Carter’s lawsuit out, stating it was a waste of the court’s time. When we talked to her about this, she didn’t seem defeated.

FY: How do you feel about the judge’s decision?

Laura: You know what, baby? I’m just gone start over … get these tattoos removed and have me 11 brand-new babies.

FY: Will you also get their names tattooed on you?

Laura: You better sit your ass down somewhere!

FY: Yes mam!

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12 thoughts on “Be A Good Mom Or Someday Your Kids Will Change Their Names, Thus Making Your Tattoo Look Stupid”

  1. Getting names tattooed on you anywhere in general is a pretty bad idea, but I shouldn’t talk. I’m getting a white tiger dragon on my back with the future sons name (even if I don’t have him- still want to have the tattoo because the name means a lot to me.)


          1. Honestly, I chose the name when I was 8 so I don’t remember the full story, but I just had a connection with it and never altered it. I’ve even had dreams about it/him. The only thing I don’t know is who the dad will be but in my dream my son had bluish green eyes so guess that’s a hint if you believe in dreams 🙂


                1. If I get another tattoo for a second kid (assuming I birth more than one) it will be a symbol rather than the name, the reason the first born would get that back tattoo is because it means a lot more to me than just being first born. I’ll write a post on it because I don’t think I can explain it well or hey maybe that’ll be my first official revamped video to my channel lol. I plan on adopting more than birthing. There are already a lot children without parents :/


                    1. Aww, you got a crush on me lol jk I love anyone who adopts and actually TAKES CARE of said child. Anyone who doesn’t pisses me off, or the parents who do it for the money >_<.


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