Owner Who Fired Employees Via Text Message Personally Delivers Their Last Paychecks

Fired by text
Screenshot by WFTV

Winter Park, Fla. — Fourth of July “fireworks” took on a new meaning for more than a dozen employees of Barducci’s Italian Bistro, as the restaurant owner, Gregory Kennedy, laid them off on the holiday … via text message. “I unfortunately need to inform you that I have been forced to close Barducci’s effective immediately, ” read the SMS. “I think it’s immoral. I think it’s cowardice,” said Jodi Jackson, who cooked virtually 2 years for the restaurant. “I think we all deserve our compensation for money he’s already made from us,” Jackson continued.

Have you texted someone and they called you or  called someone and got a text back? Well, Kennedy is guilty of the latter after several attempts by WFTV. What you see in the above screenshot is the text  he sent to the news station.

Embarrassed he failed as an entrepreneur, and worried the news coverage of how he treated his ex-employees may affect future employees wanting to work with him if he started a new business, Kennedy decided to personally deliver their last paycheck, along with an apology for substituting a real human conversation with a robotic emoticon-less text message. This went great … for 10 out of 15 employees. The other 5 … not so well …

“Yeah, I broke his damn phone,” said former waitress, Jenna Giles. “He got a call while we was talking on the porch. Said he had to take it because it was important. When he got off, I asked was that the phone he used to text all of us. He said, ‘yeah.’ I snatched that *bleep*, slammed it to the ground and stomped on that *bleep*. I went back in the house after that. Text me now, *bleep* !”

3 employees saved Kennedy gas as they were all hanging out together that day at the bar. They opened the envelope containing their paycheck in Kennedy’s presence and were immediately disgusted. Kennedy said, “Before I knew it, I was tripled teamed. When I woke up a few minutes later, $40 I had on me was gone. So was my debit card. I had beer poured all over me. But it smelled like piss.”

Kennedy decided not to go to the last employee on the list, former cook, Tron Chappelle, because he was a “hostile” employee and “lived in the hood.” He mailed him his check instead. However, when Tron heard how his former boss personally delivered everyone else’s paycheck, he became furious and showed up to his house unannounced. Still recovering from his prior beating, Kennedy was beaten senseless in front of his wife and kids. And again, robbed!

When we called Kennedy to see would he be pressing charges against his former employees, he texted us back. This time around he probably had a real reason he couldn’t open his mouth.

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Have you ever been employed, fired, dumped, got dumped, death notified, etc. by text message? Tell us about it!


10 thoughts on “Owner Who Fired Employees Via Text Message Personally Delivers Their Last Paychecks”

  1. I know at least one restaurant where I live that “informed” its employees about closing the same way it informed everyone else: a sign on the door that said “Out of business.” So texting the employees is a step up from that….


  2. I also read this article through Yahoo. I agree that the method of communication the restaurant owner used to informed the employees was wrong. However, we can’t just smash on the guy, he must be going through a tough time, he just lost his business, and for most restaurant owners business is not just business it is their life.


    1. So true! Not just restaurant owners but ANY business owner! The business is your life! You’re the first one in, last one out. While the ex-employees can find another job it wont be as easy for him because once you’re an entrepreneur it’s embarrassing and humilating to go back to the 9 to 5 world. Thanks for the comment and seeing the other spectrum.


  3. I read about this a while ago, and I have mixed feelings on it. Even if he was a bad boss, doesn’t it make you a bad person to beat and pee on him? Especially if you’re female. That’s just unlady-like despite what you’re feeling. On another note: You should check out the ridiculous reasons people of Wal-Mart are fired. It’s a bit worse and random. Some things just won’t make sense, but some of the events are also unconfirmed (Need to look into it for yourself).


    1. It wasn’t a woman. The 3 employees at the bar were men.

      I need to check that out. Sounds funny.

      I know you clicked the button but did you actually “like” this post? Was it enjoyable to read despite your mixed feelings on the situation?

      P.S. Are you dropping a comic today? Eager to see what you been working on lol


      1. I already posted it, and yes I liked the story because it told everything I didn’t read about. I didn’t know they beat him up, and I was talking about the woman who broke his phone specifically but I was thinking about both at the same time.


        1. Smirking at this >>> “It told everything I didn’t read about.”

          P.S. The tattoo post we went back and forth on is the most commented post on FY, beating the 26 I had on Killing Joke. At first I was gone delete our conversation. Not the entire thing. Just the latter part. But I decided it should stay. It’s history. Furthermore, you are the top commenter on FY now (the prior post is responsible for it)


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