Creative Writing Challenge Goes Wrong: Sister Commits Suicide Reading What Brother Wrote

Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

“During hard times, everyone thinks of giving up, of committing suicide,” said, high school English teacher, Arthur Cobb. For the first assignment of the 2013-2014 school year, Mr. Cobb put a twist on a creative writing challenge he previously assigned.  “Last year, I had the students recall a difficult period they went through and write a suicide note as if they were still in those times. Went great. This year, I wanted the students to write a suicide note, not for themselves, but for someone else. They had to write it as they were this person. It had to be someone they personally knew so the letter sounded convincing. I never intended on the person they’re writing for to read it. That’s why I told them at the end of class, sit their work on my desk.” However, one student, 17-year-old  Jeet Spencer, followed orders, but still managed to leave class with it in his hand. How? He wrote it twice. “My big sister is always teasing me how she’s a better writer, and I was so happy how believable my letter was, I made a copy of it, so I could show it to her. She wasn’t home when I got from school. I went in her room and laid the letter on her pillow. When I came back an hour later, she was hanging from the ceiling. I ran to get mom.”

“I kicked him out the house, said their mother, Carmen Spencer. Him and his teacher, they killed my baby!” she wept. “I thought he was telling me he wrote the suicide note so I wouldn’t be mad at May for being selfish. It was too authentic. The voice of it, same handwriting, everything. She suffered from depression her whole life, and attempted suicide before. But she’s been really happy lately. Boyfriend, school, job. And I know reading this letter put her back in that dark place, and made her forget about her newfound happiness for a few minutes. May is known as the writer of the house. I didn’t believe Jeet wrote it until his teacher confirmed it.”

The Kansas City Police Department are investigating the matter to determine whether this was a suicide or homicide. Ms. Spencer prays for the latter. “She was happy for once in her life! They brought her back down! They killed my baby!”

Built on top of:

  • People writing the obituaries of others before they actually die, like Nelson Mandela. 

Was this a suicide or homicide?


6 thoughts on “Creative Writing Challenge Goes Wrong: Sister Commits Suicide Reading What Brother Wrote”

  1. It was definitely a suicide. It’s sad but he didn’t have any thought that she would commit suicide he just wanted to show her that he was a good writer. That’s unfortunate that his mom kicked him out…but I can’t even believe they’re considering whether or not it’s a homicide or suicide. I’m sure this boy is suffering as much or more than his mother…the guilt of the situation!


    1. I’m sure he didn’t want his letter to be so good that his sister killed herself but someone needs to be held accountable. That teacher has NO business giving out assignments like this to begin with. And the son had NO business walking out the classroom with it when he was told not to. I respect your opinion but mines is homicide. Thanks for your feedback, Feather 🙂 Miss ya!


    1. No, the mother said she USE to be in that state of mind. She was “happy for once in her life” and that letter made her forget her newfound happiness and put her in the dark long enough to kill herself 😦


      1. It’s not that easy to forget it once your in that state of mind. In my opinion she was never actually happy enough. Perhaps borderline, and almost towards a point of happiness because if she truly had been the letter wouldn’t have set her back. But hey, that’s just my opinion. I’ve dealt with a lot of losses related to this. (Depression wise).


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