Broken Heart In The Freezer, Severed Heads In The Refrigerator

ice cubes

Dear Har-old,

Har+new: Let me show you something cool. Follow me to the bathroom. Fill this tray up with hot water. Make sure every cube is filled to the top.

Har-old: What’s next?

Har+new: I want you to walk to the refrigerator and put the tray in the freezer.

Har-old: Okay.

Har+new: Why are you walking so slow?

Har-old: I don’t want to spill any water on the floor. Okay, now what?

Har+new: We wait!

2 hours later

Har+new: It’s time! Take the tray out the freezer.

Har-old: Whoa! The water turned into these little ice cubes. And the cubes are cold instead of hot.

Har+new: Now, carry the tray back to the bathroom.

Har-old: Okay.

Har+new: Why are you walking so fast now?

Har-old: Because I don’t have to worry about spilling any water on the floor. Okay?

Har+new: Take the cubes out the tray. What’s wrong?

Har-old: They’re hard to get out.

Har+new: Any means necessary!

Har-old: Let me try bending the tray. One popped out. Hmmm… let me try hitting it up against the counter. Two popped out. I got an idea. Let me try running some hot water over it to …

Har+new: Enough! Take a drink of this glass of hot water.

Har-old: What?!

Har+new: Trust me!

Har-old: Ahhh!

Har+new: Now put the cubes that did pop out in it and take another sip.

Har-old: Much better!

Har+new: You know why I made you do all of this?

Har-old: Why?

Har+new: Your emotions are the liquid form of water. You want to harden your emotions to gain and maintain power but the walk from the fountain to the freezer is a slow process. You have to be patient. You keep running to the freezer spilling water everywhere then get mad when the tray is empty and have to go all the way back to the fountain. Once you take your time on this journey, you have to be patient again because you will have to wait on the freezer to solidify your water, turning it into cubes. Once that happens, you will get thatfixed positive response I always talk about. Seven of these cubes represent the positive emotions; the other seven the negative emotions. Make sure those negative ones need the tray to be bent, slammed against the counter, hot water ran across it to pop out of the tray.



P.S. Thanks to August, Great American Junkie, and Angel for keeping FY active during my 2 week absence!

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4 thoughts on “Broken Heart In The Freezer, Severed Heads In The Refrigerator”

  1. This reminds me of myself a little bit. I always feel like things are going way too slow, and in the end I realize that everything happens when it needs to happen.
    I’m young, so I guess I’ll learn that as I get older. But this right here is a great reminder!
    There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and learning things you didn’t think about learning along the way.

    Thank you.


    1. I am naturally impatient and feel like things are always moving slow. But the theme of this letter was Emotions. I had a few emotional out bursts that week and had to remind myself about the discipline it takes to control my responses.

      Thanks for commenting!


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