Man Dives Head First In An Empty Pool


A Phoenix man falls to his death after diving head first in a pool without water. Here’s the account of the story by his friend, who was going to dive in second:

There was water in the pool, okay. We tested the water. He dipped his feet in it; I put my hand in it and splashed some water on him. So, there was definitely water in the pool when we was on the ground. Kyle even remarked how clean the water was. He said, ‘Man, this pool so clean it looks like there’s no water in it.’ The diving board was like 30 feet in the air. It took us what seemed like 10 minutes to climb the ladder to the top. When we’re there, we start playfully going back and forth about who’s going first. ‘No, you are! No, you are!’ Stuff like that. It could have very well been him telling you this story. Then we look down, notice people getting out of the pool. Finally, Kyle calls me a chicken and says he’s going to be the brave one. He dived in head first, arms out in front. He obviously had to have his eyes closed the entire time because you would think as you’re getting close to the pool you would notice it wasn’t water in it and contorted your body midair. Then … I just hear this explosion, which must have been his head, red stuff flowing, his body just laying still *cries*. I scream out at him, ‘KYLE! KYLE! KYLE!’ He didn’t move! I start shaking, getting dizzy, knees buckling and almost fall off the diving board myself in panic. Then I struggled to climb down, losing my grip on the ladder, thoughts racing. I kept telling myself, ‘THAT didnt happen! THAT did NOT happen!’ We was just down there together playing in the water. Finally … I get down there … *sigh*. Last thing I remember was screaming and fainting at what I saw. He didn’t have a head! I died too for an hour. When we saw those people getting out of the pool earlier that’s because some pool boys told them to get out because they were about to let out the water so they can clean the pool. Clean the pool?!?! That pool was clean as shit! Not one of those people told them pool boys we was on the diving board. Not one! I know they saw us when we passed the pool. What has this world come to?

Kyle’s friend, Anthony, and Kyle’s family are pressing charges of reckless endangerment and homicide against everyone: the Phoenix pool community, the 2 pool boys, and the 15 people that was in the pool at the time, which includes 8 children.

One of the people in the pool, Josh Bardem, a school teacher, has insinuated a new theory. Said he, “If 1 or 2 of us got out the pool, fine, but ALL 15 people got out the pool simultaneously. That didn’t seem odd to you? You didn’t start to get suspicious? Maybe he did … and maybe his friend did too. I think we should investigate just how well those 2 ‘best friends,’ those ‘great pals’ were getting along … if there is such a thing.”

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An Aye Verb tweet

Was this murder (on who?) or a honest mistake?


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