Oversized Belt Makes Female Student Look Like She Has Penis


“I have a vagina! Please don’t make me go back!” exclaimed 7th grader Catalina Kellen to her mom after she came home early, running away from school, hands covering her crotch students was laughing and pointing at.

The first classmate to observe the strange oversized belt, Cason Addison, who also admits to being under the influence of marijuana remarked, “I was nodding off when she was presenting in front of class and was like, man her belt looks like my d**k. It was hanging. Then the way she moved across the floor made it swing back and forth. Shoop shoop shoop! I told my friend Ralph who was sitting next to me and he started laughing. Ralph then told Morgan and before you know it, the whole class was whispering about her penis belt.”

Kellen, who was so into her History presentation didn’t realize what was going on until Mr. Giles, the teacher, who caught on to what students was snickering about grabbed a pair of scissors from off his desk and snipped the hanging piece of belt. “Wooo! When he did that everybody just bursted out laughing, falling on the floor. Somebody yelled, ‘You cut off her d**k,’ ” said fellow classmate, Samantha Bines. “I was trying to make the situation better but it backfired. The class wasn’t showing Ms. Kellen no respect on a project she really put effort into and I thought I could get them to stop giggling.” However, Mr. Giles is guilty of a spontaneous chuckle himself when he realized the symbolism behind what he did. “I did not castrate her. It wasn’t even a real penis, people.”

Kellen, who has since transferred to another school, embarrassing fashion faux pas still exists at Corry Middle in a new light as a group of lesbians at the school have adopted the oversized belt look with intentions of flashing a penis in public. Said one stud, “I lost 10 pounds just so this belt would hang to my knees.”

Built on top of:
•A middle school experience

Have you ever wore a penis belt?

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