Loaded Lux’s Prop For Murda Mook Rematch Leaked

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New York — Two credible sources confirm the prop Loaded Lux will use in his long-awaited rematch with Murda Mook at Total Slaughter on July 12th.

They spoke on anonymity, as they still do business with Lux.

We was watching the Goodz and Verb battle. Smack rarely shows the entrances, so when he introduced them to the stage I knew something special was gone happen. Verb comes out. Nothing special. Goodz comes out rocking the gold jacket Verb wore battling Swave. Lux stared at the screen with this confused look on his face then jump up and take this old dusty NorthFace jacket out. I said, what’s that, beloved? He was like, ‘This it! This it! I’m gone wear Mook’s jacket. This is just what I needed.’

The second story comes from a woman acquaintance:

Lux was going over his rounds with me. Before he started rapping, I told him to take off that hot ass jacket. He told me that it would be a part of his Wardrobe this Saturday. He told me after his first battle with Mook, the Aces Click took Mook’s jacket and it’s been in his closet this whole time. He has just been waiting for the right time to use it.

During the battle, Mook embarrassingly had to say, “I don’t like fighting,” after reciting violent lyrics when someone in Lux’s camp took offense at Mook’s aggression. In a deleted video posted on YouTube in 2007, members of the Aces Click claim to have robbed Mook after his battle with Loaded Lux. They showed off a dark-looking jacket to the camera. Loaded Lux confirmed the robbery in his song, Head Crack, spitting “2 winters later, you ain’t get your coat back yet.”

UPDATE: Murda Mook is investigating the identities of the anonymous sources to help him furthermore by getting his jacket back before Saturday’s Total Slaughter to thwart Loaded Lux’s plans.



Built on top of:
•Goodz coming out in Aye Verb’s jacket

Do you think Mook will get his jacket back before Saturday?


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