4 Reasons Why Quitting Your Job To Become A Tax Preparer Was A Step Back (And Neither Is Because It’s Seasonal)


Dear Har-old,

Drawn by FY author Calliope
Drawn by FY author Calliope

the bad

  1. 50 cents less an hour.
  2. Bi-weekly pay periods.
  3. Under 40 hours weekly.
  4. And most importantly, what you were doing it for in the first place, the bonus money. It’s a tax preparer’s second refund, which would have definitely recompensed for the peanuts the first one was. You won’t get any! Not even one thrown at you. And that should make you feel salty for being roasted. Why? 3 reasons.
    • Although, when you was marking locations you preferred to work at, the ones nearest you, they still put you in an unchecked box like a pair of Adidas. A location that barely did over a 100 returns last season.
    • Nobody really knows you’re a tax preparer on the outside. Remember when one of the managers said 40% of her clients are co-workers, people from her full-time job. You know, people who you definitely shouldn’t practice selective mutism with. Good thing you overcame it on your last day and announced to everyone who had been continuously posting THAT article on the walls in the bathrooms. Whew!
    • You depended on your earth dad for clients. You really bought that 10K, 15K stuff? How many times has he lied to you, again? Yeah, okay!

 the good

  1. You get to see what Eric Cartman meant about fusing your ass into a chair. No more warehouse floors! But I question the goodness of it when treadmill use has been inconsistent.
  2. It’s on a bus line; you can get to it on your own. But sometimes you still …
  3. The third time was the charm. This, along with getting your first marketing/sales/customer service dollar shows just how persistent you are!
  4. Your fine ass co-worker ❤

Jackson Hewitt lady


speaking of initials

Futuristically Yours. The F is you, Har-old, the defeated, a body laid out on a canvas. The Y is me, Har+new, the victor, hands in the air. I’m not sure who’s who anymore!



P.S. I guess I will know on May 27th.


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Quitting Your Job To Become A Tax Preparer Was A Step Back (And Neither Is Because It’s Seasonal)”

  1. I made it! Today marks the first time in one month where content was produced for all 4 concepts: Letters, Future News, Episodes, Comics. This wasn’t even the first choice for the full circle. More like the third. I wanted to end the month with the Self-Vacation letter. But I decided it’s going to be heavily illustrated so I need more time. Speaking of comics, my next post will be about that BLACK and BLUE dress 🙂

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