Why Residents of Paper Thin Walled Apartments Don’t Follow the “Love Thy Neighbor” Commandment

Frozen lasagna in the window
I can’t believe Stouffers is calling this the “family size.” When I bought this on the 1st the box was bigger. Then when I went back 9 days later I only saw this box. I ended up buying 2 just to equal the original box’s size. That cost me 8 more dollars! What the hell, Stouffers?!


“If I was closer to the noise, I would have done something else,” said William Gonzalez, the Pittsburgh man who unknowingly saved his neighbor’s baby from starvation with his girlfriend’s bad cooking after its mother died of a drug overdose.

Conjectures about the “something else” is knocking on the door instead of hurling breakfast burritos at the window, which was cracked, but not with the “hard-as-a-brick” biscuits, but cracked as in opened slightly, and as in 5 inches. “I feel so guilty. I feel so bad,” said Gonzalez when questioned about entertaining offers from Major League Baseball scouts impressed no food was found on the balcony.

22-year-old Sara Kessler’s death was the inverse of the natural causes her mother died from back in November in the same apartment. “No one else lives on their floor,” said Assistant Allegheny County police Superintendent James Morton. Due to a construction issue, management had to use shower curtains for walls on the fifth floor, which flooded the office with internal relocation requests. The reason was always the same; they feared for their life. “I shared the wall where my neighbor’s kitchen was, and every time I saw his shadow with a knife I didn’t know whether I would be brutally murdered or invited over for cabbage,” said resident Elizabeth Freismuth. “You learn to appreciate the smell of Dimethyl sulfide,” she continued.

Gonzalez, who lived next to Kessler before moving to the first floor recalls the last image he saw of her alive. “She had a belt in her hands. Then the baby started crying shortly after,” he said. After not hearing from her for several days, Kessler’s brother stopped by the apartment to do a wellness check and there he discovered the bodies. His nephew was found in the living room on the floor. He immediately dropped to his knees in the doorway and crawled over to him sobbing so loudly he woke little Casey Kessler up out his sleep. “It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle! Casey is alive! My nephew is okay! I thought he died of starvation. There was food in the refrigerator but I know his little arms didn’t have enough strength in them to open it. I don’t know how his little body survived a week without food. I can’t believe it. I love him so much. God is so good. Praise Jesus! Thank you, thank you,” the brother roared. His sister was found on her bed with a belt wrapped around her arm. Screams and tears couldn’t wake her up.

Little Casey did come very, very close to dying of starvation. Autopsies show Kessler died a week before March 6th, the date her brother went by the apartment. Little Casey went 96 hours without eating. On the fourth day Gonzalez moved in his new apartment. His girlfriend, who got evicted from her own apartment because she lost her job moved in with him. And that’s when the “bad cooking” started. She fixed him breakfast before he went to work at 9 and would cook lunch at noon and bring it to his job. As he was going out the apartment building in the mornings he would “pitch” food at Kessler’s window, whose apartment was on the end. And as we was coming back home in the evenings he would do the same. “I couldn’t go back in the house with that lunch. My girlfriend would’ve asked why I didn’t eat it,” said Gonzalez. When asked did he intentionally aim for Kessler’s window, he hangs his head low. “Me and her had an unpleasant confrontation 3 weeks ago. I was still mad about it,” he admitted. “I can’t believe she was dead while I was still living on the fifth floor. During those days I was vacationing Philadelphia. I wasn’t even in Millvale,” Gonzalez said regarding questions about smelling body decomposition.

His girlfriend, Santi Rowland, is the most heartbroken of all. “I’m the real victim in this situation. This motherfucker been lying to me for 2 years, telling me I need to open up my own restaurant. When I got fired from my job I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so and took out a got-damn loan. What am I suppose to do now? I feel so discouraged,” she wept.

18 month old Casey Kessler is now being taken care of by his uncle. Remarked he, “Those Major League Baseball scouts may want to offer my nephew that pitching contract. That little boy arms so strong he can rip the door handle off a refrigerator now.”

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If you heard your neighbor’s baby crying for a prolonged period, would you ignore it or do a wellness check? Explain your reason in the comments, please.


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