Passport Bear #1: Playing Catch (Blogiversary)

Passport Bear 1stHappy 4 Year Blogiversary Futuristically Yours!!!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Uploading the first episode May 27th.


16 thoughts on “Passport Bear #1: Playing Catch (Blogiversary)”

    1. Sorry about that. Once I uploaded the video I didn’t want it associated with my blog. Sure you wanna see it? I ask this because it’s a 8 minute video.


        1. Thanks for going on a “like” spree. I didn’t know what was happening. My notification kept going off. I may put back up the YouTube page but I have my reasons for why I can’t let people see the connection. Okay, here it is. Again, warning, it’s 8 minutes and you may wanna turn your volume down lol >>>

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            1. Omfg! Best comment ever! I been working on these scripts since 2013. It means a lot to me. I been marketing it since I uploaded it. Reason I said something about the volume is cause I increased it 62%. The blood is actual blood they use on movie sets. I planned all this for years.

              I’m trying my best to get this to go viral. I been losing sleep over this.

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                1. It will long as I become obsessed with marketing it. People won’t even know what this is. This is a whole series. I wrote 24 episodes since 2013. Do you think I should put the YouTube page back up so things like what you encountered don’t happen?


    1. Thank you, KiKi 😊. It means sometime soon in the future I will create a separate website dedicated to Passport cartoons and stories. Right now I just wanna develop it here.

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