Michael Myers Walks

While I was being baptized I saw the sole of Jesus. Is this magic? Or have I been under long enough for it to freeze? I try to get my head above water but was met with a foot on my neck. I chipped away at the cube with my forked tongue. Blew my dragon breath. The water started bubbling like the last words of a drowning victim. The first thing I hear when my crown is above water is King Fish. Yup! Y’all up shits creek without a paddle. I flipped my hair over my head, which was not easy because the water added weight, so when it hit me on the back I was sent flying. The ant wearing the suit with the sneakers thought his angel had come to save him until he recognized the fireplace in my eyes. I swooped down on my prey. He tried hiding behind his lowercase t. This isn’t a sobriety test. The alphabet won’t save you. Drunk the wine. Ate the bread. Cleaned the plate. Howled at the pale moonlight. Danced until I dropped from exhaustion. My left palm left the right and went towards the light. Long kiss me goodnight.

From that day forward, my good shoulder never disturbed my sleep in church.


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