WordPressident #2

What if I’m not staring at a blank page?

What if I’m admiring art drawn with a white crayon?

This is not writer’s block. Squares and rectangles. 

But my inability to create is a shape, but it started off as a letter. Took the process of D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N for the C to come full circle. 

Because what goes around comes around unless C was meant to break the cycle. N-M-L-K-J-I-H-G-F-E-D. You see it’s hard to kick the habit of pausing on certain letters even when saying the alphabet backwards. 

But back to words I’m not looking forward to like C’est des conneries when the paper plane doesn’t crash into the Eiffel Tower carved from pencil lead. So pardon my French! 

Maybe I should only communicate with body language? Like the dances the 55 percenters do. 

But how would I write that? I don’t want asterisks neighboring my words. “Turn a negative into a positive and think of it as a star.” 

*Pentagon* *Pentagon* “Wait, I’m already a star.” You may have 5 points but you’re more a house without windows and doors. 

Maybe if you can find a way to get me on the other side I can give you those aforementioned  squares and rectangles.

But unfortunately it’s too late because I just gave you a circle. 

Or is it a C?

*Shrugs shoulders*



Kiss peace 💋✌🏾


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