WordPressident #4

Sneezing the Cheetos dust off my fingertips

Before you bless me, think about coughs and burps a little bit

Because I can hear the jealousy being masked by the coughs and the burp in a Barney Gumble mask

That’s why the odor of the belch smells like Duff over wine

I hate when this happens. How did we go from junk food to religion?

I caught you red handed Chester Cheetah

Wait. That’s not cheetle. That’s the blood of an antelope.

I ain’t see nothing! My vision blurry.

The D.U.F.F over wine … wearing beer googles looks like a 10 on this cocktail napkin

When in a state of sobriety she is the zero. Her friend is the one.

I put that up with my middle finger that got pieces of soap underneath the nail by the way

The bird scratch the Dove

But PETA dial, call to say “that’s the second animal fight in this post”

And to get 29 “likes” and 41 comments on it, I will blindly “like” and comment “Nice post” on 70 blogs just so they’ll visit mines

I guess it’s a dog-eat-dog world

But wait.




Kiss Peace 💋✌🏾️


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