Bruh Man Frum Da Fif’ Flo’

guy pissed in the hallway of apartment complex

Come to find out
That wasn’t a leaky roof
That was some sneaky dude
Urinating in the corner wait a minute wait a minute time out
Did you think you was pissing on the side of the toilet and no one would hear? Well the bed I climbed out
But this ain’t my house, just a place I called home going on six November’s
And his great defender … “I had to go real bad” ya couldn’t do this outside? aww that’s right ya would’ve been registered a sex offender
What about the next adventure? The bathroom in the lobby? Aww it was locked and wasn’t set to enter?
What about the best contender? The bathroom in your apartment? “I had to go real bad. You should understand, I mean, we the same-sex and gender”
Let’s remember, it’s nothing but women in the leasing office, that won’t mean squat to them you little squirt, you good as homeless this winter
But since you was out of camera view, I guess and figure, your eviction in my hands, fist balled
And with me not being able to leave the laundry room without stepping in it because where you exit enter, how can I not be pissed off?
Big dog, you should’ve been the first person I sat in this electric chair, 53 million how high the voltage
But I just decided to call the police and can you believe Officer Smith muthafuckin’ fly was open?!
No lie not joking, but since he didn’t witness the guy unloading, all he could do was give me his information to pass along to management
Benjamin Wright 550 June 12th 1974 Gemini? dammit man that’s damaging

resident mopping up urine


One thought on “Bruh Man Frum Da Fif’ Flo’”

  1. Bruh Man frum the fif’ flo’ should’ve been the second person I sat in that electric chair (taser) but I didn’t have my Buzz Lightyear (another nickname for my taser since it doubles as a flashlight too) when, 2 weeks ago, this homeless white woman called me a “nigger,” my mama a “nigger,” and my non-existent children some “niggers.”

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