Teen Hired As Security Guard Instead Of Cook After Foiling Robbery During Job Interview At Popeyes

Homemade Chicken by Saela. I fucking miss you so much!
Homemade Chicken by Saela. I fucking miss you so much!
NEW ORLEANS — Teen hired after foiling robbery during job interview while the manager who’d conducted it committed a fireable offense helping stop the thief.

In fact, an assistant manager and a cook were also terminated for their participation.

Saturday afternoon, March 21st, eighteen-year-old Devin Washington was being interviewed by Popeyes manager, Danyanna Metoyer, when the suspect, fifty-year-old Pablo Ciscart, asked the cashier, Samantha Lowe, for change for a dollar. “When the register was open, he reached over and grabbed some cash from the drawer,” said Lowe. “We hadn’t made hardly any money, Lowe said. “He wasn’t going to take the $300 to 400 we probably had made. We needed our money,” she added.

Ciscart then bolted for the door only to be stopped when the assistant manager, Dominique Griffin, grabbed his arm. Ciscart broke free and that’s when Washington leapt from the hot seat and placed him in a reverse bear hug. “My upper-body strength was stronger than his,” Washington said. Metoyer got up and blocked the doorway with a mountain of garbage that was on its way to the dumpster to prevent Ciscart’s escape if he managed to break loose again. 

Realizing how tough Hefty bags are to tear through, Ciscart threw the money to the floor and surrendered to staff. Washington and a chef, Percy Williams, detained him until NOPD arrived on the scene.

“Washington’s brave move wasn’t why he got hired, but it certainly didn’t hurt,” Metoyer said with a laugh. “Devin was considered for being hired before this even happened. He helped us,” she said. “You’re hired. You earned it.”

That following Monday morning Washington walked in the restaurant to start his first day and learned his hiring was the last decision Metoyer made as a Popeyes manager. “The new supervisor informed me her predecessor, the assistant, and the chef were fired for going against company protocol by not giving the robber what he wanted and risking their lives,” Washington said. “And the only reason why I still had a job was because I wasn’t an official employee until after the incident.” Washington also revealed the new manager changed his job position. “I applied to be a cook but because of that Heimlich maneuver they made me a security guard. I have to stand by the door all day with a mop, and if someone tries to rob us I have to wet the floor, but I can’t physically touch them. I can only catch them slipping.”

Washington stated he couldn’t turn the offer down because it pays him $7.50 more than what he would’ve made as a chef, bringing his hourly wage to $15, a figure fast-food workers have protested for in recent years. “Hoody Hoo,” Washington shouted.

Pablo Ciscart was charged with simple robbery and fugitive attachment.

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    3 years ago today I started doing these Future News. I got tired of the letters and judging how long it has been since I wrote another one in still tired of them. I don’t plan on posting anymore unless it’s warranted. I want to focus on stories and drawing.

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