Sims 4 Apartment Tour

Outside of my building

Living Room

Computer Area



1 of 3 of our bedrooms


Doggie Area

Taking “Muffin” out for a walk.

Pool Room



My son’s bedroom

My daughter’s bedroom. Have to redecorate since you aged up.


Upstairs bathroom.

Me and my wife’s bedroom.


One thought on “Sims 4 Apartment Tour”

  1. Probably the laziest of my November posts, including the 10 word one (at least still original content), posting 3 old writings (went with themes of the day). I thought of original content but like the last few days it’s been late in the day, but this time it caught up with me and I wasn’t able to still knock it out. Therefore, just thought of showcasing my apartment in Sims (something I never did before). I wish I could remember the dream I had this morning. Can’t remember if if I thought of an amazing story or had a dream that I thought of one or if I was gushing over the post from last night.


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