WordPressident #13

Our bottom lips sticking together as we pull away from the kiss
The hug dies in our arms
Scratch on our ring fingertips as we let go of each other hands
Walking away from each other backwards with clean backgrounds
Not taking no L’s, falling in the hole of the O, getting hit by a V, crashing into a dam snake oil salesman who claims his Dell didn’t always have a tilted E
The barbecue sauce on my ribs
So I know you’re the HIS in Memphis
Okay, well, maybe for a season after I saw too much skin I bundled up and got my meat cumin spiced on a spring mattress
She was leaving before you entered the picture
Don’t act picture-perfect as if you’ve always been the lady on the other side of the noodle
Not a put-down of your frame but you know the real reason I place my hand on the small of your back in public
Sometimes to guide you to a first-class seat
Sometimes to guide you down a flight of stairs
The apple bottom of my eye is rotten sometimes
A worm on the inside, a real pain in the ass, you know
But, but, I love her to the core
Not just when she’s a snack, Apple Slices
Not just when she’s breakfast, Apple Jacks
Not just when she’s lunch, Apple Bee’s
Not just when I’m thirsty, Apple Cocktails
Not just when she’s dinner, Apple Jacks
Not just when she’s dessert, Apple Pie
When the groceries fresh I don’t need plastic
When they pass the expiration date I double bag it
Let’s eat …

7 thoughts on “WordPressident #13”

  1. I just skimmed through your post and the post was wow. And I must say, it really cool, it that gives people a chance to think.

    Please keep the words coming Mr/Mrs/Miss. Look forward to seeing more inspired post from you.

    Thank you so much for adding a little inspired word to me this morning.

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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    1. Don’t take this wrong way but this comment comes off as spam. It could be related to my post then it couldn’t. This comment can apply to anyone’s post. Now I subscribed to you just cause you were my 1,001 sub and I got a notification. I’m rethinking that now. Plus you call me Mr/Mrs/Miss when it’s clear my name is on here and it’s a man’s name.


        1. I know it was. I put money on it that your comment was some generic comment you make on here. Nothing you said was specifically about my post. Then you had the balls to admit to just “skimming” over it. Please unlike and unsubscribe. I do not want you being THAT person.

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          1. How will i know you are a man…..

            Do you have a pictures that shows that you are a man. Please dnt start insulting me here. I just did a comment on that post.

            Common appreciation you can’t show. I guess you are wicked in real life.

            Please don’t bullshit yourselve again. Tell that to your pet.


            You welcome dear friend.

            Peace ✌and Love ❤

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            1. Because my name is on here, you dumb ass. As you said you “SKIMMED” through my post so your stupid ass didn’t realize I have a masculine name. I guess you upset cause I pulled your hoe card and exposed your little scheme. Well it’s nothing but realness on this side of WordPress so take your little punk ass on the side of WordPress where people are happy to get comments and who aren’t seasoned enough to recognize spammy comments sucker.

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  2. Inspired by a scene in The Double in which my favorite actor Jesse Eisenberg was looking at his crush through the window of a unstable subway cart. It’s funny ‘cause once again the thing that inspired me does not get a explicit reference in the actual poem.

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