Wolf Spider Branch (WordPressident #16)

Inspired by the above image. As always with this series, this is a slow read due to metaphors/wordplay/double entendres.

My pale skin the cloud
My eyelashes the grass
The spider veins on my upper eyelid the branch in the sky
My tears the rain
My twitching eye the thunder
I’m the eye of the storm
But I don’t wanna be like your X-Men
They’re old news
I wanna be your May weatherman, on the other side of them zeros
When the weather girl turn sideways it makes my day a wed-ness day
How I wanna be Her Boy Friday and engage with her fergalicious humps
Trojan horses not safe for work
Lashing out, a cuss to, ‘Mur-
-rica, where it’s all about U
I’m from ‘Merica, where it’s rated E for everyone
Life ain’t a video game … unless it’s the Sims-ulation
Then it’s rated T because I took off my tee but put the T in stimulation (woohoo!)
On a whim queue days end
The type of dream you facing cause the REM to break and 3AM you waking
Bedsheets sweaty, smelling like fresh-off-the-leg-pee but it’s underneath where you clean do sprayings
I’m a mother-fucking monster, not a muthafuckin’ monster
Think long and hard about that before you get your muthafuckin’ momma
If I grab her by her ankles she grabbing her ankles
If she’s anal about anal then it’s the beaver-teeth soul-crusher
Akin to me your brother, playa
Sucking major how I went from crushing flavor about the environment to the one who fuckin’ made ya
But I guess it all makes sense when you put ‘em together … Mother Nature

WordPressident #17 … soon

One thought on “Wolf Spider Branch (WordPressident #16)”

  1. Seriously, this is probably the best one because of how layered it is and because it was suppose to stop at “I’m the eye of the storm.” This is why I love writing. I didn’t have anything after that line but I sat on. Because I stopped caring about rushing my content for a wack WordPress audience I sit on things now. I didn’t even have that ending. I was just thinking how I was gone wrap this up and realized how much of a freestyle this was and how I was letting my pen guide me. I noticed my transition was about nature to sex. Like WTF! But then I realized how connected it was. That’s not the only thing that is connected. In the intro I said “my eyelashes the grass.” Then later I mention Trojan horses. My next line starts off “lashing out…” But wait! That whole “Trojan Horses is not safe for work” is like a triple entrender. I’m talking about the virus, unprotected safe and about war history. Anyway, lashing out doubles for what horses eat because I said “my eyelashes the GRASS.” It also means attack verbally which translations to “a cuss to…” By the way “a cuss to,’Mer-“ plays off the word ‘customer.’

    It’s a lot of other stuff in it but I just wanted to reveal that part. Also, I call it “Wolf Spider Branch” because of Spider veins and the branch in the sky. The branch in the sky is lighting; that’s the shape of a bolt. Also, if you look closely it looks like the silhouette of a dog/wolf. Additionally, a wolf spider is a thing.

    My favorite line is, “I want to be your May weatherman, on the other side of them zeros.” Wow, just wow!

    YouTube update: That video I been gushing about is currently 62K+; 941 thumbs up; 300+ comments. I have 131 subs. Now usually people who don’t know no better think they will get they “made it” and get those numbers all the time but I know better. I’m proud of the less-viewed videos I put out afterwards. Know why? Because it shows I got the swing of this thing. I put out 7 videos since. 4 of them are approaching 2K. One is approaching 1K. Another has over 700. But the one I’m the most disappointed in my most recent one. I put it out this past Friday and it has 90 views. It struggled. The topic was trending on 2 platforms. Smh. Long as it gets a 100 I’m fine though. I just felt like I was on a streak of getting views higher than my sub count. But eventually that video will pass my sub count unless I sky-rocket again; I just hate how slow it’s moving. I feel like I need 7-10 more impactful videos to get to a thousand.


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